A recurring dilemma in massage school is when there's an odd number of students in a hands-on class. The solution? Interlocking, 4-handed petrissage! ... See MoreSee Less

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Wow! What a way to end the the 7th week of our year together. This week was filled with touching a Cow's Femur, learning the back sequence, and delving into Ethics, Morals, and Values. What a great way to be reminded of why we chose this program <3

Discovery Point School Of Massage Values

Personal Responsibility

Gratitude for the depths we delving in this experience!
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We are looking for volunteers who have pain complaints to volunteer to be practice clients for our students as they learn clinical assessment skills. Class times are in October/November from 6:30pm to 8pm. Limited openings.

This is an open classroom format where volunteers will be assessed by 2 students and supervised by an instructor. Some massage will be provided but the focus is on interview skills and assessment procedures.

We have one class for General strains/sprains/tendinitis etc, One for Low back pain and one for Neck pain and Arm nerve compression syndromes.

click on the BOOK NOW button on our Facebook page to see the dates and times. Please select the class that most closely matches your complaint.

Please leave a message when you book and let us know what your issue is so we can screen suitable/unsuitable conditions for the class.

Thanks you!
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Had a fun day of review for our first test and learning about skin through food!

Anyone up for Laurie Levy's "skinny dip"
Cheese is adipose tissue
Salsa is Dermis
Carrots are the hairs
And the Epidermis is chips

What a delicious 😋 way to learn!
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Welcome new students! =) ... See MoreSee Less

Discovery Point Fall program started with 22 new enthusiastic students. End of the first week and we learned an abundance about massage history, systems in the body, and the importance of therapeutic ...

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Our Core Values & What We Can Offer You

Seattle's Premier Educational Community for Therapeutic Massage Professionals

We are a diverse group of individuals who are committed to upholding agreements as we support and challenge one another to live, grow and excel.


We choose to live in the creative yet calm tension created by the paradoxes of life, embracing neither the extremes not the mediocre middle.


We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust by being both honest and kind in our interactions with one another and the greater community.


We make individual choices within the framework of our community agreements and accept responsibility for our decisions.


We are willing to learn from our mistakes and integrate new skills and concepts so that we develop as individuals and members of the community.


We strive to offer the best to each other through persistent study, interaction, experience and exploration.

Graduates Are Prepared To…


The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned.

John Zahourek

Why Study Here?

Discover a learning environment designed for beginners and continuing education alike
Intuitive and Friendly

Our classes offer students a broad spectrum of learning opportunities and experiences facilitated by a seasoned and passionate faculty in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Rigor & Heart

Students obtain a solid foundation in both the art and science of massage as they practice and develop the skills and behaviors necessary for personal and professional success.

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Professional & Advanced

Our instructors encourage graduates and experienced, seasoned professionals to explore, shape and refine their own unique vision for their careers through continuing education.

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Could a career in massage therapy be right for you?

Hear from our students about their experience at DiscoveryPoint and beginning a career in massage.

Technology & Amenities

Our beautiful space in the vibrant and eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood offers a large open classroom with oversized windows and the latest massage equipment for hands-on learning.

Massage Therapy

Comfort & Community

Class size is small with an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to create the optimal framework for positive study, faculty and staff interactions and fostering learning of the highest quality.

The Details

More Information to Help You


Professional Massage 

Our program reflects current industry standards. Designed to be completed in 12 months, this is an experiential learning program.

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The instructors

Meet DiscoveryPoint’s diverse founding members and faculty members for our Professional Licensing Program and Continuing Education Courses.

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Is This Right For Me?

If this sounds like a path you’d like to pursue, here’s some things to consider when selecting the right massage therapy school for your career.

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Words from our Community

You’re in the best of hands.

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