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Discoverypoint Faculty & Owner

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Darin Stumme, BA, LMT, CMLDT

School Director and Lead Instructor

Darin has been a teacher with Discoverypoint for over 8 years. Darin graduated from Discoverypoint in 2013, then returned a year later as a TA (Teaching Assistant) in a hands-on massage class taught by Pat Archer. Under her mentorship, and with mentoring by Lisa Nelson, Darin began assisting and teaching additional classes, until he became a Lead Instructor in 2016. In addition to teaching, he supported the school by performing many administrative tasks, graphic design projects, social media & marketing efforts, event planning, and curriculum development. Prior to his career in massage, Darin worked in the graphic design and high-tech industry, with positions ranging from print production & packaging design to international localization and project management. In his new role as a School Director, Darin is able to integrate his technical and project management skills with his love for massage and education.

Michael Jacobus, BA, LMT

Education Director, Senior Instructor

Michael graduated from the Stillpoint Center School of Massage in MA in 1996 and began teaching at the Brenneke School of Massage in 1998. He has practiced massage as a sole-proprietor and as an employee, and has worked in a variety of settings: clinics, day spas, hospitals, and clinical research organizations. Michael was certified in the Trager® Approach in 2005, orthopedic massage in 2008, and as a yoga instructor in 2010. At Discoverypoint, Michael teaches musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology and clinical and outcome based massage. His passion for helping students discover the human body and how it moves makes him a demanding musculoskeletal anatomy instructor. However, Michael’s sharp wit, a keen appreciation for fun, and commitment to creativity make him a student favorite. He enjoys supporting students as they practice and gain confidence in critical thinking, treatment, and professional communication skills.

Abby Thomson, CMLDT, RYT, LMT

Lead Instructor

Growing up encouraged to dance and explore movement patterns, Abby knew she had unique experience to be in a therapeutic and rehabilitation field. She came to Washington to pursue medicine, found massage, and  has never looked back. Graduating from Cortiva School of Massage in 2010, Abby has developed her career with the mentorship of physical therapist, occupational therapists and chiropractors. She became a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (CMLDT) in 2020, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in 2022. At Discoverypoint, Abby teaches Lymphatic Facilitation, Outcome Based Massage, First Aid/CPR, and Student Clinic. When she isn’t working, you can find her walking her dog Kiko and enjoying the Pacific Northwest scenery.

Pam Connolly, LMT

Lead Instructor

Pam has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since January 2000. She graduated from Brenneke School of Massage, where she returned as an instructor for many years. Pam has practiced in a variety of settings, including physical therapy clinics, childbirth centers; she has even worked with horses and dogs, and created an apprenticeship program for equestrian massage. Pam is an American Council on Exercise-certified Personal Trainer and weight management specialist, helping her clients improve mobility, increase vitality, and maintain life-long healthy habits. In the classroom, Pam is known for providing both structure and playfulness, encouraging and supporting students in developing foundational massage skills that will last their entire career. Outside the classroom, Pam is an accomplished fiber artist; knitting, weaving, and even spinning her own yarn.

Aubrey Wallace, ND, BS, CMT, RM

Lead Instructor

Dr. Aubrey Wallace is a Naturopathic Physician in Washington state, specializing in physical and energy medicine. Dr. Aubrey graduated from Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1996 and practiced as a licensed massage therapist for 18 years prior to becoming a doctor. She has over 8 years of experience in teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Neuromuscular therapy, and Swedish Massage. Dr. Aubrey has years of Clinical Supervision experience and has advanced training in Psychoneuroimmunology, Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, including holding a position as a teaching assistant for the Upledger Institute. She was also a SomatoRespiratory Integration practitioner and has been a Reiki Master since 1992.


Dr. Aubrey is excited to join the Discoverypoint team as an A&P instructor. It is her passion to engage students to a level of wonder and enjoyment about health and the human body and to create an environment in which students can readily discover their own strengths, personal inspiration, and resilience. She enjoys making complex information easily accessible to students with a variety of different educational backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles. Learning in her classroom is fun, exciting, and accessible to all students.

Alexa Peden, LMT, CMLDT

Lead Instructor

Alexa’s journey in holistic care started with her university experience in environmental science in Bellingham, Washington. After a year of traveling the country by van, then working as a barista in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, her attention turned to self-care and bodywork. She enrolled in Discoverypoint and graduated in 2018. Since then, she has worked in a diversity of environments – chiropractic and treatment massage clinics, high-end spas, and small local businesses — and now maintains a thriving private practice in Tacoma. She earned her Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist Certification in 2020, and trained as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM in 2022. At Discoverypoint, Alexa teaches Novice classes, foundational hands-on techniques, and specialty classes (such as Chair massage and Hydrotherapy). Bringing an abundance of warmth and enthusiasm to all of her classes, Alexa truly knows how to make learning fun & rewarding — encouraging students to connect and reconnect with their bodies along the way.

Laurie Levy, MA, LCCE, BDT/CD (DONA), LMT

Senior Instructor

Laurie has been an educator for over 25 years. She graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, WA in 1997, after earning a counseling degree. She intended to return to counseling full-time, but saw her first cadaver and fell in love. Laurie maintains a private massage practice specializing in injury, pregnancy and injured pregnant people, and is also a certified birth doula, birth doula trainer and childbirth educator. Laurie has taught anatomy and physiology in college/university and vocational settings. She is passionate about people learning how their bodies work and strives to make content come alive with professional and personal applications.

Collin Sedlacek, BA/BS, LMT, CCST, CMLD


Collin has over 12 years of teaching experience ranging from Pre-K to university levels. He is passionate about learning and making this process both accessible and exciting. While presenting new or even complex material, students describe Collin’s classes as grounded, intriguing and informative. Having a background in physiology and philosophy, he previously worked as a biology and education researcher where he helped develop curriculum based undergraduate research experiences and worked on projects ranging from neurodevelopmental physiology to bacterial evolution. Graduating from Discoverypoint in 2021, and earning certifications in both Craniosacral Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage in 2023, Collin now runs a private practice on Capitol Hill where he specializes in Orthopedic and Pediatric bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and generally, nervous system regulation. And when he’s not obsessively learning, he’s playing with his two sons, writing, making music, art, or just standing barefoot on this beautiful earth.

Miranda Coker, LMT


Miranda moved from Louisiana to pursue her career dreams as a Massage Therapist in 2017 — after working as a specialty coffee barista — and is a proud Discoverypoint School of Massage graduate of 2020. She has been working in multimodality clinics in Seattle since graduating, and is now excited to now be a part of the school team as an Administrative Assistant and Student Clinic mentor. Miranda brightens the school with her unstoppable energy, supporting students and faculty in many, many ways. As a massage therapist, this #EczemaWarrior understands the toll chronic illness/stress can have on someone physically and mentally, having so much compassion for her clients dealing with the same. Some of her hobbies out in the wild include audiobooking any chance she gets, exploring the Seattle area, taking care of her three aquariums, and knitting.

Larisa Goldin, MBA, LMT


Larisa graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 2002 — learning directly from some of the instructors who would later found Discoverypoint. Soon after graduation, Larisa founded Dreamclinic — a successful massage and acupuncture clinic with several locations in Seattle and Redmond. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a BA in English from the University of Chicago. Before starting Dreamclinic, Larisa held a number of senior-level management positions, managing software development in the high-tech industry.

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