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In addition to our main Professional Licensing Program, we offer three other categories of classes:

Novice Class for Beginners

Novice Class for Beginners is an introduction to therapeutic Swedish massage taught by one or more of our experienced faculty members.

You will be introduced to:

  • Guidelines for choosing appropriate massage supplies.
  • Proper use of tables and other equipment.
  • Basic grounding and centering techniques for massage.
  • Proper mechanics for the “big 3” Swedish massage strokes; effleurage, petrissage, and friction — along with fundamental massage sequences for the leg and back.

Join us at our beautiful facility and experience what learning is all about at Discoverypoint School of Massage.

Note: Please bring a set of twin sheets + pillowcase.

Wear clothing comfortable for movement.

Students will be practicing what they learn on each other.

$100 of your payment toward Novice Class is considered a deposit toward your tuition if you enroll within a year of taking the class.

Electives + CE

Electives (and Elective + CE classes) are typically short — 5 to 10 hours — and provide introductory skills for: working with a particular population, skills in a new modality or form, or an approach to life-long self-care. They are akin to professional Continuing Education classes — and are often taught by instructors who offer similar CE classes, training, and certification programs outside of our school.

Elective + CE classes act as a bridge between massage school students and professional LMTs. Our currently-enrolled students will use these hours for credit toward their diploma, while other members of the LMT community may enroll and earn CE credits for these classes.

These short classes provide an excellent pathway for LMTs to earn CE credits toward license renewal, enjoy a quick introduction to a new modality, or get a feel for an instructor’s teaching style before committing to an entire program.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education classes are offered by Discoverypoint core faculty and guest instructors, and are intended for Licensed Massage Therapists (and other allied healthcare providers, per class offering).

Licensed professionals who satisfy the requirements of the class will earn a “certificate of completion” for the hours attended, which may count toward Continuing Education credits (per WAC 246-830-475).

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