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More options: this September — for the first time ever! — we will have both a morning class and an evening class starting on the same day. (Details in the comments.)

Save $$: You have 1 month to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount! $500 off tuition if you apply before 5pm on August 6, 2018.

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Dairy of A Massage Student

First Day of Student Clinic, Quarter 4
AKA How To Roll With The Flow

Today, we, Fall class of 2017 threw ourselves into the unknown that is Student Clinic. Not to say we weren't given explicit detail on how it would run, but all practicum is messy. This particular practicum has us set up temporary rooms, and for $25 we, under guidance, give hour long massages to strangers.

This entry isn't a play by play of this day. Or a worry about what is to come this quarter. Our last quarter.

This is a love note to my cohort and my teachers.

I am so grateful to these bright and dedicated humans. When I break myself against my own rigid perfectionism, you gather me up again. I am shown again and again, in small and important ways to let go, trust, forgive myself.
Trust and love this place of being a student.

I am grateful for your laughter, and jokes, and hugs, and permission to go cry and be held (because I cannot do all the holding, come to find out).

I am feeling quite blessed to feel my teacher's support, knowing they trust us, trust me, to learn what I need, ask for what I need. You all give me moments of grace under fire.

Thank you. I can see quarter 4 will teach me how to find my own ease.
Alright, loves. Last quarter. Here we go.

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Admissions Process

and we begin...

Professional Licensing Program

We look forward to receiving your application

To Apply for Admission You Must

  • Be at least 18 years of age by start date.
  • Have graduated from high school or completed your GED.
  • Be physically and emotionally capable of performing and receiving massage with people of any gender (Facility needs for students with mental or physical disabilities will be addressed on an individual basis).
  • Complete the application process detailed here.


DiscoveryPoint is pleased to accept transfers from other academic and licensing programs. Students applying as transfers to our Professional Licensing Program must meet all our admissions requirements and provide a transcript from their previous program(s). Credit will be awarded for comparable courses on a case-by-case basis for students who demonstrate competence in subject matter.


The Application Process

  • Download/print catalog and/or application
    2017-18 DiscoveryPoint Course Catalog
    Discovery Point Application Form
  • Read and understand the contents of the catalog. The catalog contains information that will become part of your agreement with the school.
  • Complete a Novice class. If you are accepted into our Professional Licensing Program and enroll within one year of completing the Novice class, the $50 Novice class fee will be applied to your student fees.
  • Complete the application and submit it with all requested documentation.
  • Complete an admissions interview.

Trager® Program

We look forward to receiving your application


  • Be a current LMP, licensed to practice bodywork in their home location, or a 2nd semester student of DiscoveryPoint School of Massage. Students from other schools or professions may be admitted with permission of instructor.
  • Be physically and emotionally capable of performing and receiving Trager® tablework and Mentastics® with people of either gender.
    Display a philosophy, professionalism and maturity compatible with the practice of Trager, and DiscoveryPoint’s mission, philosophy, values, and professional standards.
  • Complete the application process outlined here.


Application Process

  • Read and understand the contents of this DiscoveryPoint Trager Course Catalog
  • Receive at least one Trager session from a CTP
  • Complete at least 6 hours of Mentastics training or a Trager Introductory Day
  • Complete and submit a Trager Program Application with all requested documentation
  • Complete an admissions interview



We are pleased to accept transfers into the Trager Program at DiscoveryPoint. Transfer credit is awarded on a case-by case basis and must be accompanied by appropriate documentation. Transfers must also demonstrate the gate-way competencies for the Module Level(s) for which they wish to receive credit.