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Student Clinic

Our next Student Clinic will be offered in June, 2023.


Student Clinic is a teaching clinic in which students provide massage sessions to members of the general public under the supervision of experienced LMTs. Student Massage sessions will be provided in a classroom setting, with students, instructors, and other clients present as well.


Typically, Student Clinic is offered only during students’ 4th Quarter, which runs just two seasons per year: Summer (June through August) and Winter (December through March). If you don’t see any appointment times offered, check back in the months or weeks proceeding these listed (ie. May and November).


The number of appointment times will be limited, and may vary each season by the number of enrolled students. While we appreciate repeat bookings, we ask that clients book no more than 2 or 3 appointments per season, both to allow other clients to schedule and so that students may experience working with a variety of clients.

Student Clinic Calendar

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New scheduling software for Student Clinic coming soon!


Contact us if you’d like to be notified when it launches.