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Our program reflects current industry standards. Designed to be completed in 12 months, this is an experiential learning program.


Meet Discoverypoint’s founding members and current faculty for our Professional Licensing Program and Continuing Education Courses.



If a career in massage is a path you’d like to pursue, here are some things to consider when selecting the right massage school for your educational experience.

Discover if a career in massage is right for you

Register in an upcoming Novice Class to explore a career in massage

Words From Our Community

So glad Discoverypoint School opened up. They have preserved the best practices and high education standards that made Seattle the leader in the massage industry in the first place. Graduates are consistently well grounded in the medical underpinnings of massage, and have demonstrated wonderful technique, effective and deeply relaxing at the same time. So far our clients are loving the Discoverypoint grads!

- Larisa Goldin

Discoverypoint is one of the few remaining schools that has heart, rigor, and a personal touch.

- Brian Utting, LMT

Discoverypoint is a pearl in our community, with skilled instructors and dynamic education. They are the very best!

- Lisa Hensell, LMT, RF, NBCR

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