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Advantages of Massage During COVID-19

Advantages of massage during COVID-19 Seattle WA

Advantages of Massage During COVID-19

There are many advantages of massage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is massage effective against COVID-19? NOTE: This article does not claim to cure the coronavirus, however, it is a fact that those with a weak immune system are more likely to catch the virus. 

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Now that the quarantine and shelter in place is lifted, massage therapists can get back to work. Moreover, a deep tissue and Swedish massage session is advantageous more than ever during the COVID crisis.

Furthermore, read on for reasons that you should see your massage therapist even more to alleviate the stress and tension encountered in 2020. In the past decade, it has become essential to go to a spa to get a massage. Explore the various advantages that massage has to strengthen your immune system and build your defense against this virus.

Mostly, those who have mild cases and symptoms of COVID-19 are still recovering weeks and even months later. Besides the common list of COVID-19 symptoms stated by the CDC, and so called “long haulers” have surveyed 50 or more symptoms ranging from fatigue to lower back pain. Read on to find out how massage can do wonders to many symptoms that COVID-19 has produced. 

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Advantages of Massage to Relieve Stress During COVID-19

First of all, lying down while a massage therapist gives you a rubdown is useful for alleviating strain and stress. Many people feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally after experiencing a session. Stress can impact bones and muscle in many ways and can lead to deficiency.

Above all, COVID anxiety can contribute to both mental and physical breakdown. Most noteworthy, mental problems has had a catastrophic effect during the pandemic.

Even more, massage can combat every day wear and tear. Furthermore, massage can help with the stress and negativity caused by the media, mask wearing, social distancing, and the new norm rules and ordinances COVID created.

Likewise, stress from coronavirus 2020 has shown to have a terrible effect on sleep quality and mood. People that are weighed down by coronavirus anxieties have problems concentrating and accomplishing tasks. Many virus sufferers have a lack of strength and power physically.

Furthermore, COVID has people experiencing sleep apnea, pressure, and worn-out fatigue in contrast to the electricity that was a part of their everyday demeanor.

Above all, massage is one of the best ways naturally to get a good night’s sleep. Make it a point to book a massage session as frequently as possible, not forgetting to incorporate PPE and safety.

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Advantages of Massage and Circulatory Issues During COVID-19

Also, circulatory problems can result in troubles to the extremities. Sometimes humans will incur swelling, aching, or numbness of limbs. Bad circulation calls for an increase in disease and failures. Headaches, aching muscles, pain and even infection can occur when your body has problems with poor circulation.

Mostly, slow oxygen and blood movement in the body is a risk and increases the odds of contracting the coronavirus. Likewise, regular massage, especially during these trying times, will give you the ammunition you need keep your circulation in tip top preventative shape.

Even more, regular sessions will accelerate healing and eliminate toxins in the body. Decrease the odds of contracting the virus and build up your antibodies holistically and naturally through massage!

Improving Your Posture Can Aid Against COVID-19

Improper frame alignment can result in many negative issues. Misused muscle tissues from lousy posture will generally begin weakening. Additionally, awful posture can wreak havoc on internal organs. Many humans experience digestive irregularities as a result of no longer standing or sitting properly.

Poor posture may diminish breathing capability. Lack of the ability to breath and shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of COVID-19 that effects the lungs. COVID-19 can be avoided through using deep tissue massage to correct, prevent, and strengthen posture. A massage can help the body to reposition and improve itself.

Most noteworthy, the following health conditions also may improve after having a massage:

– Asthma – People with bronchial allergies often record progressed pulmonary characteristic and better top air flows after massage.

– Hypertension – It’s common for patients to have a lower diastolic blood pressure after a massage.

– Arthritis – Patients generally enjoy much less stiffness and aching after an appointment with a licensed massage therapist.

– Burns – People with extensive burns and scars may additionally experience much less anxiety, itching, and ache and pain after a massage.

In addition, during the pandemic, visiting a practitioner often offers many powerful homeopathic remedies to alleviate pain without medication.

Likewise, this non-medical treatment allows the body and symptoms to improve naturally without the side effects that pharmaceuticals cause. Empowerment and prevention through massage works wonders to build immunity.

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Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage During COVID-19

The professional therapist engages deep tissue to alleviate pain and lack of movement of joints. Just a few sessions of having this kind of therapy may help aid and protect against a COVID-19 symptoms such as muscle or body aches as recognized by CDC.Gov.

Regular massage and symptom awareness goes a long way to prepare the body against viruses. The CDC has more information on how to protect yourself to prevent illness for the disease. Massage is one of the best medicinal treatments versus taking medication to avoid trouble.

Massage school teaches practitioners about the benefits and techniques to use to eliminate the aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, legs, back, hands, feet and more. A relaxed body creates a relaxed mind that can be used against other symptoms that COVID-19 creates.

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Advantages of Massage For Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

Likewise, stress and anxiety is every reason for chronic aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Muscle anxiety can show up everywhere within the body during the pandemic. Moreover, regular massage can help remediate tissue damage and muscle atrophy.

Mostly, deep tissue massage helps blood circulation and revitalizes the body tremendously, especially during the pandemic 2020. Massage boosts serotonin and can reduce blood pressure to combat the negative pressures affecting our lives.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, many people are at their breaking point and every aspect of life is too much to handle. Also, many physicians will endorse or perhaps prescribe deep tissue massage after surgery. Moreover, there is an increase in flexibility and movement that comes from a deep tissue massage.

Athletes and active people realize what it is like to damage or injure tissue. Consequently, this isn’t just uncomfortable, but may create long term problems with joints and muscles. Deep tissue massage can help in the healing and rehabilitation of damaged areas of the body especially during a pandemic.

In addition, sports professionals will regularly utilize a massage into their everyday routine. Along with exercise, eating right, and getting sufficient rest, a regular massage can help athletes perform at their peak. Moreover, massage therapy can build an arsenal against COVID-19.

Most important, deep tissue massage is used to deal with continual aches and pains and tension within the neck, back and shoulders. A deep tissue massage can help to break down adhesions that plague the body.

Massage Can Help Prevent Cold and Flu During COVID-19

Regular massage during the flu season may help reduce your chances of getting sick. As noted by Massage Heights, massage can make a positive impact on the body in building immunity in both the young and old.

As a result, massage helps the body rest and practitioner’s clients sleep better at night. Also, massage helps gives the body more ammunition to combat both cold and flu, bacteria, and infection. Massage during the pandemic and flu season increases the flow of oxygen which improves the immune system.

Also, according to researchers, massage lets arthritis sufferers get some comfort as their joints become a lot less stiff. Massage additionally improves the pulmonary function in asthmatic children. Further, pain sufferers also stated a large reduction in aches and anxiety.

Patients with excessive blood pressure moreover experienced decrease blood pressure levels after a session. Long story brief, massage therapy can do wonders to combat coronavirus. Getting massage on a regular basis will provide you with tons of benefits.

Add Massage as a Supplement to Your Weekly Routine

Experts suggest washing your hands, taking vitamin C, zinc, social distancing, and wearing a mask to detour the coronavirus. Hence, why not add massage as a supplement and precaution during the pandemic. Most important, frequent massage is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Also, before turning to surgery and drugs to deal with pain, it is encouraged by many experts to utilize a massage. Massage has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a cleansing tool to revitalize the thoughts and spirits in humans.

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Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected the physical and mental health of many worldwide in 2020.

Even more than ever, those who’ve suffered injuries, bodily trauma, or sports associated stresses, need massage. Mostly, those who are elderly, overweight, and have high blood pressure, are more likely to contract the coronavirus.

Advantages of Massage For Hair Loss During COVID-19

Also noted, many survivors of the COVID-19 virus have encountered loss of hair. Even though the CDC.gov does not list hair loss as a symptom or side effect of the disease, many men and women are seeing thinning and hair loss. This could be due to many aiding factors such as stress and anxiety. Hence, there are many potions you can use to aid in hair growth, however, scalp massage works wonders naturally.

Furthermore, hair loss during COVID-19, is created by a shift in follicle cycling due to a shock to the human system physically or psychologically. Massaging of the scalp by yourself or a licensed therapist stimulates the follicles, as well as, increases blood flow to aid in hair regrowth.

Advantages of Facial Massage During COVID-19

Even more, facial massage can help with headaches, ear aches, and painful jaw muscles that occur with stress and anxiety during COVID-19. A facial massage can help relieve tight muscles, boosting circulation, and revitalize and rejuvenate skin. Sinus pressure can be reduced and even eliminated with a facial massage.

Above all, those stressed out over the pandemic should add a facial massage to their regular massage sessions. Explore the diverse alternatives to be had with massage.

Muscle Impacts of COVID-19

According to studies of COVID-19, those that have been inflicted whether strong or mild have experienced muscle atrophy. Those that have been bedridden for the average hospital visit have lost up to 12% amounts of muscle strength.

Most of those that have contacted COVID-19 endure muscle pain of various degrees. Inflammation of joints is another symptom. Massage can help with the recovery of these symptoms.

Massage is an Effective Deterrence Against COVID-19

For the reason that COVID-19 can cause many different symptoms, massage therapy is the one way to remedy many ailments. From tight muscles to heightened stress, massage can help. Certainly if you feel you have COVID-19, hence, a high fever or shortness of breath, seek help immediately. Likewise, get tested and make sure you cannot infect others before getting a massage.

We can’t underestimate the significance of bodywork. Without any doubt, massage therapy works as a powerful treatment in enhancing your health. As mentioned, according to specialists, stress and tension aids in promoting bad health in the body. By managing stress you may:

  • Get rid of anxiety
  • Improve your sleep
  • Get extra energy to handle your responsibilities
  • Improve your blood flow
  • Cut down on fatigue

Aside from this, once you have a massage, immediate results bring about tranquility and peacefulness, a signal that massage works.

CDC: Daily life Coping and Managing Stress and Anxiety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a “how to” guide to coping with coronavirus. The CDC notes that the pandemic can be stressful and the coronavirus disease 2020 can increase stress and anxiety due to social distancing and isolation. The CDC notes that both children and adults can have difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and eating.

Furthermore, the pandemic causes the worsening of chronic and mental health conditions in many people. Prevention and easing conditions through massage is an important way to cope with coronavirus. Besides sickness and death, the stress of COVID-19 has increased homelessness, substance abuse, joblessness, suicide, and more.

Most important, besides massage, other ways to cope with stress include taking care of yourself, your family, and your community. Knowing what to do if you, your family, or friends are sick and where and how to get treatment.

Furthermore, taking care of your emotional health, mental health, and taking care of your body, is very important. Relaxing and massaging muscles, exercising, deep breathing, sleep, and eating healthy is another suggestion to combating the virus. 

Also, you should have a licensed massage therapist, a massage clinic or massage school number in your contact list. Moreover, if you need additional help for stress, there are free and confidential resources available from the CDC here.

Advantages of Regular Massage During COVID-19

The massage industry was booming and increasing before the first notice of COVID-19 2020. Hence, the effects and results that a regular massage produce was paramount. Furthermore, many studies and results from massage was being documented and implemented for decades.

Also, massage techniques such as Trager™ has given a new outlook to people whom have suffered extreme trauma to their bodies. The Trager™ Approach enables those to overcome the deep seated trauma of lack of ligament and muscle movement and pain.

Furthermore, every country in the world has recognized massage as a part of the medical community with licensing requirements and rigid curriculum. Massage is the answer to providing non-medical relief from the pandemic that has blanketed the world in 2020.

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Massage Is a Front Line Defense to COVID-19

In Conclusion, massage is a front line offense in keeping your mental, physical, and all around well-being during these trying times. As a massage therapist and, or massage school, people around the world need you to help their community. You are an essential need to your clients and those with COVID-19 problems.

You are an essential part of the medical community and can make an impact and even save and prolong lives. Most important, the licensed massage industry should not be shut down ever again, as well as, schools who produce saviors and hard-working caring therapist who are needed to cure pandemic sufferers more than ever!


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