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COVID-19 Relief for Massage Therapists

COVID-19 Update for Massage Therapists

COVID-19 Relief for Massage Therapists

Here is how to get some COVID-19 relief for massage therapists. First of all, COVID-19 has affected massage therapy, as well as, those involved in the massage business. Hopefully, quarantine and stay-at-home orders will soon be a thing of the past.

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Furthermore, with COVID-19 picking up steam over the last few months, the government essentially closed down a lot of businesses and created stay at home shelter in place orders. This works for industries that can still function at home virtually, but greatly impacts industries that are maintained by physical service?

The personal care service industry such as hair and nail salons, massage, and physical therapy have really taken a hit. Most important, how do these professionals get back to business making money? Particularly massage therapists entire practice relies on close touch. With the current stay-at-home order in place to maintain six feet of space between yourself and someone else; a massage therapist can only watch as money is continually slipping from their hands.

However, during this COVID-19 pandemic there are other alternatives to finding employment in the chaos. Although the coronavirus is hampering the nation it will not be here forever. When our economy does start to open back up we must find a way to get back in the swing of things. Moreover, getting back to work is probably foremost on everyone’s mind. This is especially true for the personal care service industry including massage.

Most noteworthy, realize that there are approximately 334,000 licensed massage therapist in the United States alone. Even though the lack of work is painful, just understand that with the large amount of massage therapist social distancing and staying in place, they have saved and lot of lives.

Mostly, massage therapist not practicing have taken the burden off of the medical community health care workers who are risking their lives to combat COVID-19. Shout out to all massage therapists and for the nurses and doctors who have made a huge sacrifice to getting this virus under control.

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Coronavirus Relief: Getting Back to Work

As a massage therapist, it may seem scary going back out into the workforce after such a serious pandemic has spread throughout the world. In addition, many workers have to pick themselves up and get back at it. Hopefully, you have done a few things to keep your skills up like take some continuing education courses. You have to have at least 24 continuing credits anyway; why not get some in now.

There are many courses you can take virtually so go for it. Moreover, this will help you not only stay in compliance, but keeps your skills fresh. Furthermore, do some reading on massage therapy or maybe learn different techniques that you always wanted to develop.

In addition, there are a few magazines that actually have good articles on different topics. Massage therapist could start a blog that focuses on their modality, benefits of massage, or even how to cope as a massage therapist during COVID-19. Do some self-care like yoga at home so that you are ready to tackle most anything.

Most important, make sure that you’re prepared mentally, as well as, physically. You must ensure that your physical health is good, so that you’re able to hit the ground running when the lock-down is over.

Furthermore, as a massage therapist you should also practice with a spouse or friend how to massage using PPE. This is a great way to experience the new norm and let customers know that you still deliver great service, but concerned for their health.

As for PPE, likewise, utilizing the right gloves can make the massage feel no different from any other massage. Reaching out to customers, if you’re able, via email, checking on them and letting them know you’re up and running will make the customer feel appreciated.

In other words, you may also want to let them know the steps you have taken to ensure their safety even more so than before. Most important, massage therapists should know that it will be slow when they go back to practicing, however, business will steadily pick up.

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Virtual Remote Education for Massage Therapist during COVID-19

Moreover, massage therapists can also take a page out of the virtual world. One business in Colorado offers virtual massage classes that helps clients learn skills that they use in between their sessions. Massage therapist can also, re-educate their clients on how beneficial massage therapy can be to their health.

In addition, massage therapist should also make sure to use good business practices and stay informed to the COVID-19 situation as much as possible. This is also a good time to put in place all your marketing material or list that you worked on during the stay at home period.

After that, you can come out of the gate running if you already have a good plan set up on how to market your practice or service. This is once again a time to let former, current, potential, and future clients know you’re new cleaning routine. Massage therapist should focus on things that they can control such as what to do, decisions, and how to react.

Most important, getting back to work after the coronavirus will require a step by step process. Massage therapist must remain calm and optimistic that things will get better. You must stay strong for your clients because they will definitely need your services after all this is over.

Not to mention you could experience an influx because people were not able to come to their regularly scheduled appointments and they will be looking to get in as soon as possible. Appointment setting will be the norm to stagger clients for most business in the near future.

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Temporary Employment during COVID-19

There have been many companies that have stepped up and employed people on a temporary basis until they can resume their normal work schedule. As a massage therapist you can also, take part in some of these jobs until life tries to resume back to normal.

These jobs are readily hiring professionals to ensure people are employed, as well as, continue to meet the demands of their customers. Massage therapist can also get help through relief acts provided by the government as well as apply for unemployment. Here are a few jobs that offer temp position that a massage therapist could use to help supplement their income.

Jobs that are offering Temp Work: Uber, Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, Kroger, Facebook, Instacart, Spectrum, and Lowe’s to name a few.

Uber offers several different temporary positions with their other ventures such as Uber eats. There is also Amazon who is always hiring, but especially during this time.

Mostly, Amazon has seen an increase in demand and so they are continuing to hire workers during COVID-19. Walmart, like Amazon, initially had a number of people it wanted to hire and just announced that it will be hiring (temporarily) after seeing a demand in service across the country. Massage therapists needing to supplement income should consider options for extra income.

FedEx is also hiring in this time of economic turmoil. FedEx needs help to deliver critically needed supplies the US. This is a way to help supplement income until massage therapists can get back to work.

CVS is another company looking to hire temporary workers until the COVID-19 is controlled. FedEx is giving out bonuses to eligible enrollees up to $500. In addition, Kroger is hiring and offering anything, anytime, anywhere, in their stores, at pickup lanes, or via automated delivery vehicles.

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Consider Working Remotely as a Massage Therapist During COVID-19

Furthermore, there have been massive layoffs with many non-essential business due to COVID-19. Consequently, there has been a shift to make business and profits work remotely. Likewise, search out new opportunities in this new paradigm. Facebook is also hiring and of course remotely.

This is a great opportunity for massage therapist to work with social media and learn more about marketing on the platform. Instacart is an online grocery store that provides customers groceries through delivery. This is something similar to Uber eats except delivering groceries. This is a nice supplement for income for massage therapist.

Spectrum is a company hiring due to increased service demands from residential customers, as well as, business. Lowe’s is still hiring to assist with the demand for services during this time. This a good place for massage therapist temporarily.

Finding Employment during COVID-19 is Easy for Massage Therapists

There are a lot of other companies that are hiring, but as a massage therapist you want something that keeps you employed. Furthermore, allows the flexibility for you to return back to your current occupation. It is well that finding employment during COVID-19 has been made a little easier with these companies.

And remember, as a licensed massage therapist, one of the most important reasons you entered the profession is freedom and freelancing. In addition, keep that thought and don’t look back. COVID-19 is just one hurdle you have had to overcome. Most people have encountered ups and downs, however, as a freelance and employed practitioner, downtime is a given.

Furthermore, if you can work remotely and have some computer skills there are many companies in which to freelance your skills. FlexJobs is a site in which to get plenty of remote work.

Also, We Work Remotely is a good source for finding industry wide jobs including marketing, sales, design, writing, teaching and more. Furthermore, just because you practice massage therapy does not mean you cannot apply yourself to making some full and part time money doing something besides massage. In these trying times, flexibility and determination will help you weather the storm.

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Massage Therapy Way Ahead after COVID-19

Furthermore, massage therapists will recover from the lockdown and virus, but it will take time. Therapist should consult with other professionals in the industry for encouragement. Massage therapists need to know that when the government does open back up and everyone goes back to work continuing good hygiene is essential more than ever.

Practitioners need to ensure that they convey to their clients how they have increased precautions to ensure their safety. They should also incorporate a new in-processing checklist to mitigate the potential of someone being sick with COVID-19.

Be prepared and informed as a Massage Therapist during COVID-19

Most important, LMT’s need to know that when the cities and governments open business back up, many ordinances, rules, and regulations will be written and enforced. As a massage therapist, be prepared and informed and move forward with passion and zest. Consequently, mandatory quarantine and the shutdown has dealt a hard blow to practitioners. However, the massage industry will recover and flourish. Just remember, clients need you more than ever.

Disinfecting measures should be increased each and every time a client leaves the work area. Know that they are other jobs available to help massage therapist supplement income until they are able to get back and continue helping clients.

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Stay Positive and Strong During COVID-19

Going forward practicing good business by making sure to save money for a rainy day is the way to go. Massage therapist should come back stronger and mentally prepared. It may not happen overnight, but business will slowly start getting back to normal and clients will benefit from the great work that massage therapists provide.

Staying healthy and continuing to focus on the things you can control will help massage therapist hit the ground running once the lock-down is over. The coronavirus is a serious pandemic that has taken this world by surprise. As a massage therapist know that every day you continue to hone your craft during COVID-19 will allow you to help clients feel as if some normalcy has returned.

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State Governments offer Assistance to Massage Therapists for COVID-19

You are not alone as a massage therapist during the COVID-19 shutdown. Moreover, note that many state governments are helping massage therapists during the pandemic. For instance, Washington Secretary of Health has extended license expiration dates, renewals, and payments for licensed practitioners.

Massage therapist living in Washington State should CHECK HERE to see the latest coronavirus news from the governor’s office. Furthermore, Governor Inslee of Washington extended the May 4, 2020 stay-at-home order until May 31st and until then the business of massage is still on hold.

Call 855-829-9243 for the Washington Employment Security Department for more information. Furthermore, if you practice massage in Washington State, try to keep informed of the COVID-19 and the current state of affairs and COVID-19 news and updates.

Also, for up to date COVID-19 health guidance in Washington State you can go HERE to find out more.

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