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Halloween, Skeletons & Massage

halloween skeletons and massage

Halloween, Skeletons & Massage

Halloween, skeletons, & massage can be a spooky thing to talk about. Western Halloween is decorated with ghosts, black cats, Jack-O-Lanterns, bats, witches, spiders, and SKELETONS. Furthermore, the spooky holiday dates back years as ancestors celebrated the festival called Samhain, which is modern day Halloween.

Moreover, this festival associates with the belief that the dead come back and mingle amongst the living. Hence, skeletons and skulls are used to represent the Day of the Dead.

Halloween Skeletons & Massage Seattle, Washington

First, I don’t think a massage therapist has seen a live skeleton walking around or even dancing. However, massage students along with local massage schools keeps the spooky character around to learn and study anatomy.

Even more, to get through massage school , you need to have expert knowledge of the skeletal system. Finally, by understanding and working with the skeleton and skull, a practitioner can help resolve issues with their client’s body.

How does Regular Massage Help the Skeletal System?

Everyone knows how massage helps the human body to feel relaxed. Massage has a lot of unbelievable effects on all parts of the human body including the skeleton. Similarly, there are 12 systems in a human body and massage effects all of them. Massage can be helpful in curing many types of illnesses. Most noteworthy, massage affects the human skeleton in a positive way. Hence, we will specifically focus this article on how regular massage helps the skeletal system.

How does Massage therapy treat skeletal conditions?

Most noteworthy, massage therapy can treat a variety of skeletal and muscular conditions like Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, as well as, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, are common diseases of the skeletal system. More about this later.

For the reasons that your bones become degenerated, you should use a therapist to keep your skeleton in good health. I hate to be the bearer of bad news this Halloween, but the human skeleton is a scary reminder of human mortality. As you age your bones get old and brittle and over time and can break unexpectedly.

Most noteworthy, it is petrifying, and horrific thinking about the diseases that affect our skeleton. Sneezing or simply opening a door will result in a broken bone if you are suffering from Osteoporosis. Likewise, Osteoporosis is called “the silent thief” because many people over 50 don’t know that they have the disease. Even more, a broken hip is a lot freakier than a ghost or black cat appearing on Halloween.

Deep muscle massage can be dangerous?

Note: Deep muscle massage and spinal manipulation are not appropriate if one is at high risk of breaking a bone. First of all, check with a physician to see if massage is appropriate.

When applied carefully, gentle forms of bodywork will help reduce the pain associated with osteoporosis. Also, although more common in the elderly, osteoporosis can affect people of all ages.  

Most noteworthy, our skeleton and bones consistently produce blood in the red bone morrow of long bones and calcium. In contrast, as we age, our bones ability to produce becomes compromised and suffer disorders caused by osteoporosis.

Understanding how the skeletal system functions

The skeleton consists of bones and ligaments that provide the framework of the body. In addition, ligaments, tissue, and organs attach themselves to the skeleton.

The skeletal system not only provides a framework for support, but provides protection for vital organs. Furthermore, the skeletal system stores more than 99% of the calcium in the body. In addition, the skeleton aids in the blood cell production and regulation of hormone secretion.

However, when your bones become brittle, you need a therapist to keep your skeleton in good health. Aromatherapy massage, deep tissue and sports massage is conducive to a healthy skeletal system.

Halloween brings awareness to the coming winter season

As we age and experience the superstitious Halloween season, we can appreciate the past purpose of preparing for the inevitable. In addition to remembering the dead, Halloween bring awareness of the coming winter season and the aches and pain that accompany the cold weather.

How many divisions is our Skeletal System made up?

Our skeleton system consist of two parts grouped into 2 main divisions. One is the axial skeleton which consists of vertebral column, the skull and the rib cage. This is basically the mid-section of the body which is responsible for the upright posture of the body.

The other part is the appendicular skeleton which consists of pelvic girdles, extremities and the pectoral girdles. This part of skeleton is responsible for the movement of the human body like walking, running and other movements. Moreover, be careful on Halloween, for skeletons, and massage therapists! As a therapist, it is important to identify skeletal bones. Especially, be careful of bones with points or prominences when massaging.

Our skeleton is constantly changing

We know that the most understandable system in the body is our skeletal system. Our skeleton, or you can say framework of the skeleton, consists of ligaments and bones. A human baby initially has 270 bones and some of them gradually combine together just like cranial bones. As you grow up and your body enlarges and so do your bones. Ligaments are basically the joint formers, as these are segments of the connective tissues that connect with the bones and each other.

However, the skeleton system isn’t used only for movement functions. It also has some important tasks including providing the framework, for support and movement, protecting the important organs, and most important store calcium and minerals. In addition, the skeletal bones helps in production of blood cells and the regulation of the hormone emission

Will Ghosts, Goblins and Skeletons appear this Halloween?

Most noteworthy, you will get old and your skeletal system will break down as you age. Ghosts and Goblins may possess your soul and spirit this Halloween, however, with a massage, you can find salvation and relief from deteriorating skeletal bones. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a student attending a professional massage program your services will be in high demand.

What are some benefits of massage on the human skeletal system?

  • Aligns the skeleton and improves balance
  • Increases blood circulation and nourishes cells
  • Builds up muscular balance and aids in efficiency of posture and proper body alignment
  • Increases the retention of phosphorous, nitrogen, and Sulphur in the bones which aids fracture healing
  • Improves muscle tone and balance by reducing physical stress on bones and joints
  • Releases restrictions in the fascia connected tissue
  • Decreases inflammation to aid in the range of joint movement
  • Helps heal surrounding tissue of fractures
  • Nourishes joint fluid through range of motion
  • Breaks ups and prevents adhesion from forming and accumulating in the muscle tissue
  • With massage fluids are moved through joints and lubricates the cartilage in between the bones to provide nourishment
  • Assist the fractured bone circulation without making any motion in the fragments

More about Skeletons, Halloween and Massage

Bones are intelligent and living structures that consistently change, reshape, rebuild, and repair themselves. In addition, as you age, bones suffer disorders caused by osteoporosis, arthritis, osteomyelitis, scoliosis, kyphosis, and fracture.

Sorry for all the negativity, dreariness and treachery about your skeleton, but that is what makes Halloween what it is. However, with massage, you can sleep better knowing your darkest fears about fragile bones can be admonished considerably.

Massage treatment produces physiological benefits to the skeletal system as well.

Holistic massage and Deep tissue massage, can help alleviate skeletal system disorder, pain, stiffness, inflammation, weakness, and loss of motion.

How does regular massage help the Skeletal System?

So as we have discussed, massage has a deep impact on the skeletal system and helps the body relax. Through different motion exercises, vital fluids move through the joints, oiling the gristle in the bones that will provide nourishment. Different motions will refer how much your joints can move with a normal range in some specific direction. Massage will help the therapist to know this range of motion for your skeleton.

Mostly, massage is responsible for the increase in blood circulation. As the blood provides the necessary nutrition all parts of the body including the skeleton therefore, regular massage will be beneficial in providing the vital nutrients to skeleton.

Massage benefits Skeletal Muscles

Furthermore, regular massage also benefits skeletal muscles. Hence, massage can break up bonds that may gather in muscle tissue, or in the muscles between bones. Regular massage helps a person bring his attention to posture, making him more aware of differences. This is the initial step in mindful correction of the posture which will help in better skeletal position, alignment, and muscle relaxation.

In addition, it’s important to let your therapist know of any bone disorders such as the osteoporosis as deep massage can be dangerous for you and even break your bones.

The conclusion Of Halloween, Skeletons, & Massage

Massage is an excellent way for your skeleton to remain healthy and fit. As you have read above, how the body is affected by the regular message. Every system in our body gets enhanced and results in greater health of our skeleton and the body. No matter what your age, get yourself a personal licensed therapist who will encourage and improve your body, as well as, your skeleton.

So, have a regular massage for yourself to enjoy a healthy, illness free and beautiful life. Because if you’re fit in terms of health and mind, you can do your work much more effectively and quickly.

Halloween is a time to have fun with friends. As a massage therapist, you can have some spooky fun knowing that you are knowledgeable and understand the anatomy of any skeleton that approaches you on Halloween.

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