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11 Ways To Choose A Massage Table

11 Ways To Choose A Massage Table

With so much diversity in the styles and quality, it can be difficult to choose the best massage table. Here are 11 ways to choose a massage table for your personal or professional use.

Specifically, when you consider the range that these massage tables have, “the table” is the most important piece of equipment for a massage therapist. Mostly, choosing the best massage table will not only make your job easier, but will help you increase your income!

For instance, a good table should have all of the necessary requirements a therapist is looking for in equipment. Moreover, this is a guide for finding a professional massage table that will suit you, your practice, and your client.

In addition, many clients of massage practitioners buy tables to keep at their residence, as well as, their office to compliment their therapist. As a professional therapist, it is always good to keep up with the latest and greatest massage tables on the market.

Even more, after countless hours of hard work, study, tests, exams, and practice, you’ve finally been rewarded by becoming a licenced massage therapist. As great as this is, now the hard work will really begin. Now it’s time to put what you learned to good use, as you embark on your new career path.

In order to earn a living as a massage therapist, you’ll need to invest in a professional massage table. Finding the best massage table for your money is not easy, but with a little insider knowledge, it can be done. To help you find your dream massage table, here’s a look at 11 things when choosing the best massage table that your money can buy.


  • Table weight
  • Quality and fabric styles
  • Weight capacity
  • Width of a massage table
  • Table height and length
  • Adjustable features
  • Foam thickness
  • Price
  • Material composition
  • Shelf Life and durability
  • Reviews


Most noteworthy, “weight factor” for the practitioner who is working as a mobile therapist is a main concern. First of all, the “table weight” that you can load and unload with a single hand is important. In contrast, wooden tables that are used mainly in spas and clinics, weigh more, and require more strength to move.

The best weight in which most of the therapists agree for a table is between 22 lbs to 46 lbs. Even portable massage tables that have wooden legs tend to weigh more than their counterpart. The overall weight depends on the size of the table and the material it is made, so you have to choose wisely. And of course, you should go with the lightest weight and portability that you can manage on a daily basis.

One of the most important facts to consider when choosing a massage table is the weight. Remember, the keyword here is ‘Portable’ and the last thing you want when transporting your table from client to client, is to feel as if you’ve gone through a workout routine.

This is where a lightweight professional design will prove useful. If you opt for a lightweight aluminium massage table for example, the table itself will be incredibly sturdy, yet light enough for you to easily transport.


Leather is considered as the most trusted material for massage table tops. Not only is it durable, but also very easy to clean. Consequently, most tables now include some kind of synthetic leather. You should investigate the specific type of leather or leather substitute in a table before buying and compare reviews.

Likewise, PVC leather is a very popular type of material used in massage tables. Consequently, this type of leather is durable, but doesn’t feel smooth to the skin. So, it will not provide as much comfort to your client. Instead, PU leather is another type of synthetic leather which is quite soft to skin and provides a luxurious feel of real leather. It is more durable than PVC and also easier to clean.

Above all, you should consider the material your table is made before making a financial investment. This material will be responsible for the weight of the table and also for the longevity and visual appeal of your massage table.

Moreover, if you’re considering a wooden table then double-check the quality of wood and also the common flaws like knots and cracks.


The weight capacity of a table also known as the “working weight”, is the total amount of weight that a table can hold easily. Likewise, you can say, the weight of your clients, along with the pressure you will put while working. This total weight is the weight capacity of your massage table. Most important, you don’t want your clients to fall if they have more weight than the weight capacity of the table.

However, weight capacity is not a problem as most tables have a weight capacity from 400 – 600 pounds. Furthermore, it is important for you to consider the weight capacity depending on the size client and pressure treatment provided. There are some heavy-duty tables like the Milo Electric Treatment Table that provides both the standability up to 500 lbs and comfort as well.

The Milo Electric Massage Table

Some Milo Electric Table Features:

  • Comfortable, removeable, and adjustable side arm rests.
  • Hand & foot controller to adjust table height, leg, and back position.
  • High quality frame infused for superior durability and strength.
  • Premium firm layer foam upholstery.


Above all, the width of the massage table is also quite important while choosing your table. Similarly, you will need a table that will suit almost every type of body shape. This will result in the comfort of your clients no matter their size so you can handle any shape customer-patient. As a result, for all of this to happen, your table must have a suitable width.

Furthermore, as a skilled worker, your personal height will also be a factor in choosing an accurate width table. If your height is short, go for the narrower table like 28 inches. For the taller therapists, you should choose a wider massage table which will add comfort to your clients as well. Consequently, choose a table with width between 30 to 32 inches.

Some of the best massage tables out there come in large widths, and if you want to be more inclusive, you should consider investing in portable massage tables that are fairly wide. A wide table means that larger clients can be comfortably and safely accommodated, allowing you to work on them without risk of them falling off or being uncomfortable. Likewise, you may also wish to consider a fairly long table as well, as that way taller clients can also be accommodated.

PRO TIP: For the practice where many therapists share a single massage table, motorized massage tables are best. This will allow you to easily and quickly adjust the height between sessions and practitioners.

Everest Eclipse Electric Salon Massage Table


When choosing a portable massage table, height is also very important to consider. When we talk about height, you need to consider the height of your table, and your own height. Different tables come in different heights, and therefore, you need to find one that suits you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5,2” or 6,10” it’s vital to choose a table that is at a height that’s comfortable enough for you to work on your clients. If the table is too short, or too high, ironically it will soon be you in need of the massage as you’ll almost certainly struggle with back and posture issues.

Since all of these measures are for your client’s comfort, you should consider the height and length of the table for your clients. You should also take into consideration your height to comfortably work with the table and client. Most noteworthy, the normal size in which most of the tables come is 73 inches which suit most demands.

Hence, if you’re willing to go for a longer table, make sure that it has the adjustable face cradle, which will add an additional 7 to 9 inches to your table. Most people don’t know that! Well, a Pedra 4 Motor Electric Treatment Table Bed is a great option when looking for customized length possibilities.

Pedra-4-Motor Electric Treatment Table Bed

pedra 4 motor electric massage table bed

Low end priced electric massage table:

Harmon Electric Massage Table $ 1759.00



Even more, most experienced practitioners work with massage tables that have adjustable features. Different massage tables have different adjustable features that make the therapists job easier and more efficient. Likewise, one of the best features you should consider is the adjustable height. Most therapists choose a table which has an adjustable height feature.

Moreover, adjustable height features can be useful when the table is used by more than one person. Consequently, if the table isn’t used by other therapists, then you will still find it very useful when you’re working with different body depths.

Above all, this height adjustment feature on your table won’t be taking too much of your time. And now when we have so many modern tables with state-of-the-art mechanisms to work with. You will have adjustable knobs and also push buttons that will simply raise or lower the table legs. Best examples are the electric tables for massage are the motorized electric table for a spa treatment.

In addition, the importance of an adjustable height feature will help you when you’re providing a lot of different massage treatments. Working and massaging the head needs different table height than the work on the neck and other body parts. Examples for such tables are facial treatment tables and the affordable Lyon Massage Bed that has beneficial adjustable features for therapists.

Lyon Massage Bed Treatment Table: $649.00


You should have noticed that this article was written as 11 factors on the basis of the client’s comfort foremost. As client comfort is your superior priority for your work and business. For sure, you always want your clients to have a wonderful experience so that they are ready to return again. Well, no other factor can give that much comfort to the client which the foam thickness will give.

Your best choice should be for a table that has high-quality, thick foam. This will provide clients with sufficient support and comfort. Most noteworthy, the quality and the thickness of foam will determine how long your table will last. Of course, the table with better foam quality will last longer. The standard size of the foam is 2 inches thick. More superior is the foam which has at least 3 inches firm thickness.


Then comes your budget. It depends on you whether you choose quality or quantity. But I believe, you should go with the quality irrespective of the price. You will definitely want a table that suits your budget and skill level. Normally, a good portable table can cost you around $120 and is best for people looking for a professional table for practicing massage.

Furthermore, if you’re serious about your job and want a working massage table, the range can vary between $150 to $200. This starter table range is best for mobile therapists who travel to their clients.

Then comes the professionals. If you are a massage expert and want to start your own massage business or upgrade your massage table, the cost can be $300 and upwards. Mostly, don’t skimp on price and strive for the comfort and safety of your clients.

This might seem good in the short run by saving some money, but this can really hit you and your business hard in the long run. Note: A spa, medical facility, cruise ship, or storefront business usually needs high end stationary tables for their status and image.

High End Tables are usually of the wood-steel stationary motorized types and range from $1200 to $5,000 plus in price.

Low End Tables are usually portable aluminum low entry starter tables and range from $95 to $350 in price.


Should You Choose Wood or Aluminium?

Well, this is quite an interesting question for therapists. Many therapists find it very easy to choose one from these two by depending on their visual likings. Like, we have seen that the beautiful wood designs were chosen way before.

But now, as aluminium got more modernized with stylish and sleek looks, this has made the tables more appealing. There is high budget and low budget. Most noteworthy, quality and name brand goes a long way in preserving your investment and image.

 Metal vs Aluminium?

In the past, many therapists believed that aluminium was not a good choice for a massage table. For many years, massage tables were made of metal. Over time, they rusted, squeaked and were very heavy to lug around.

So, without realizing that the industry is now modernized, many early tables mixed metal with aluminium. In conclusion, we recommend you just don’t buy metal tables for your business.

Most of the therapists are now choosing the aluminium table as it has greater strength and reduced weight.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the price of both tables. There is no big difference in the professional price range of an aluminium table and the wooden table. Both of them have the same strengths and are built with high-quality materials.

As a result, choose the table that suits you and your preferences best. At the professional level, it isn’t that much difference which material your table is built. But you will get an extra edge on aluminium as the frame will be much stronger than the wooden frame and can bear more weight than wood. This will simply reduce the risk of damaging your frame irrespectively.


When buying a massage table you can consider the depreciation and tax write off implications of your investment. The table should have a lifetime of approximately (x) number of years under normal wear and tear conditions. Also the price paid can also be the decision as to the income derived, as well as, long term benefits.

Consult with your accountant before buying a table! The IRS allows you to deduct any expenses that are considered ordinary and necessary for your business. This includes business startup costs and moreover, massage tables that can be depreciated over time.

Where to buy a massage table?

When looking to purchase a table in Washington, there are many retail stores that you can find professional tables. In addition, if you do a web search for “massage tables” you will find plenty of reputable sources to buy online.

Check with the store and make sure you can get an exchange and be able to try the table for 30 to 90 days or more. Most important, check the warranty and see what the return policy is as well. That way you can test and try the table to you and your client’s satisfaction.

Costco $149.99 Two-fold portable massage table BMC100:

BMC100 Costco Portable Massage Table

Amazon is a great place to find an affordable massage table.

Walmart Master Massage 27 Inch Portable Table:


The MassageWarehouse.com has reasonably priced portable massage tables from $217 – $557, as well as, stationary tables. They carry brands such as Touch America™, EarthLite®, StrongLite™, Custom Craftworks™, Master® Massage, OakWorks®, Living Earth Crafts®, Gharieni™, Paragon®, and more!

Gharieni MLW Amphibia Treatment Bed – $12, 748.40:



Finally, remember this table is where you will be working on your clients. You want a table that’s safe, comfortable, professional, lightweight, and accommodating.

Most noteworthy, before purchasing your massage table, be sure to read the reviews and see what other users are saying. Find a few tables you like, read the reviews, compare the feedback, and do your due diligence.

Word of Caution!

Note that aluminium has different qualities. Entry-level aluminium tables (up to $250) don’t have same high-quality aluminium that higher end tables over $300 have.

The tables built with the best quality aluminium are made of aircraft-grade aluminium, whereas, the basic level aluminium tables are made up of aluminium composite.


I hope that this article has explained in detail how to buy a professional massage table. Now choose a professional massage table and kickstart your professional massage business. Good luck.

Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before purchasing a massage table. The blog writer does not endorse any tables or stores mentioned in this article. Every attempt was made to provide 11 ways to choose the best massage table for your enjoyment and massage practice.

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