Beloved graduates, peers, friends, and community: It is with great sadness and tremendous gratitude that we share this with you: we will not be enrolling students for the Fall 2021 start... and likely not enrolling any future classes as well.We realize that many of you may be shocked, saddened, disappointed... and we are too. We’ve considered many, many avenues for keeping our doors open, but without sustainable enrollment numbers, we simply cannot continue. While demand for LMTs (nationwide and in WA) continues to grow, enrollment numbers continue to decline. This trend was underway when we first opened our doors nearly 10 years ago, and the pandemic has only widened that divide.We just graduated a lovely and talented group of grads. We are also firmly committed to completing classes (Q3 & Q4) for our final cohort with care, support, and professionalism. They will graduate and join the massage profession in March 2022.The silver lining in all of this, to be honest, is all of you — the students, teachers, and supportive community who have helped us (and each other) grow and learn and develop. We have treasured our time together and appreciate what you brought to us and the profession. You all are a gift, and we're grateful to know and grow alongside you.Remember, a Discoverypoint is neither the beginning nor the end, but a point along the way…part of the journey of our lives, our careers, and the stories we continue to weave. Thank you for joining us on this journey.💜 Pat, Lisa & Julie ... See MoreSee Less

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What Is The #Trager® Approach?The #TragerApproach is a #somaticeducation practice that helps people #experience themselves as #healthyandwhole. Developed by Dr. Milton Trager, it blends #touch, #movement, and #curiosity to #teach #clients to feel changes in their tissues and return to this feeling state to effect long-lasting changes.#dpsom #discoverypoint #seattle #massageschoolseattle #wfh ... See MoreSee Less

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#8 #Prepare the #InsuranceMost important, we are going to talk to you about insurance that you may need in your #business.#LiabilityinsuranceIn centers where skin treatment and touching client’s bodies is performed, professional and General Liability (#Malpractice) Insurance is critical. Hence, although it is not usual, there is a risk that the practitioner may cause damage to the #client. Many companies offer policy coverage for at least $2,000,000 limit per occurrence for less than $300 per year. Besides, a massage center must have a #CommercialInsurance with Civil Liability coverage to obtain the licenses.The most common coverage is the Civil Liability of Exploitation. This is responsible for the business activities. It also covers the damages that employees may cause when carrying out their work.The Employer’s Civil Liability covers the business owner if workers suffer injuries or death due to an accident at work.Multi-Risk InsuranceThis insurance covers the damages that can be caused by a fire or a flood in the #assets of the premises that are insured. It also includes glass breaks, moons, mirrors, etc. It is the insurance company that is responsible for the expenses that may involve the repair of the affected goods.The theft coverage is also #essential because in a massage center may have material quality and quite expensive.#dpsom #legalizeit #massagecareers #happyhealing #holistictherapy ... See MoreSee Less

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#7 Find a #StrategicLocation for #SuccessWhen choosing the location of the #massagecenter, it is best to separate yourself from the #competition. In big cities, there are already many massage centers, and you can find #pricewars and services. What you need to do is look for locations where there are almost no massage centers and little competition.To set up a massage center and have many #clients, you must try to locate it in a street where there is a lot of #movement. The massage rooms must be located in an area of the premises where the sound of the street is not heard. This condition is to avoid disturbing the #tranquility of the clients.A good idea is to locate the massage center in an area where there are people who work all day. In this way, receiving a massage when leaving work will be a perfect #opportunity for them.#dpsom #seattle #caphillseattle #massageschool #massagecareer ... See MoreSee Less

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#6 #Financing as a Licensed Massage TherapistThe initial #investment can be scary at first, but there are many ways to get financing for #massage therapist school and your practice. The primary source of financing to which #entrepreneurs go to set up a massage center is usually from #family and #friends. You can ask them to contribute #capital to your business. Also, they can help you later #promote your #business with #wordofmouth.On the other hand, the different sources of financing most used by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are:#Loans#Credit account#Leasing#Renting ... See MoreSee Less

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Tips To Starting A Massage Therapy Business


Tips To Starting A Massage Therapy Business

Tips To Starting A Massage Therapy Business


Starting any kind of business isn’t easy, so read on for tips to starting a massage therapy business. Sure, some entrepreneurial businesses are easier to get off the ground, but for the most part it takes time, effort, money and an incredible amount of patience. But there are some benefits to working for yourself, right? You can set your own hours, work when you want and charge what you want.


One profession in particular has become very popular and that is starting your own massage therapy business. As mentioned above, you can set your own hours and have complete control on how much to charge for the different kind of services you perform. Not only that, you can pick and choose your clientele, a bonus not many of us get the luxury of having. You can decide to freelance and or, work in a professional environment with other professionals. Either way you can achieve your dreams of making a great living, as well as, provide a much needed service that is in great demand.


What is needed to starting a massage therapy business?

Getting started as a therapist is not as cut and dry as you may think. This article is meant to break it down piece by piece so that in the future, if you decide this is the career choice for you, you will have all the information laid about before you. The biggest hurdle to jump over when starting a massage therapy business is getting trained, certified and licensed. This takes the most time and effort. Do your research and find a local program that will allow you to get the training and hours you will need to get licensed and certified. Each state, mind you, is different when it comes to licensing and certification qualifications so you will need to do a little research on that as well.


Generally, most states require at least 500 hours of training from an accredited program to become licensed. This will require that time and patience we talked about earlier. And there will be a licensing fee you will have to pay, as well as, continuing education cost and time that will have to be consider on an ongoing basis as you practice and keep your skillset and license updated.


The State of Washington has a great program for starting your career

But again, it varies from state to state so just be aware of that. The State of Washington has a great licensing program to consider when looking to get into the massage business and many great accredited schools to attend in cities like Seattle which has some of the best schools for learning massage therapy skills in the country. Once you are certified, you will absolutely want to purchase liability insurance. On a whole, any time you are working with people, insurance is a must.  People will find any reason to blame you for aches or pains and if you don’t have insurance, they will be able to sue you and take everything from you. We don’t want that, so get the insurance and protect yourself!


Once you have your license and insurance then you can start with the less mundane aspects of starting a business. Even if you haven’t picked out your location (which we will discuss next) start advertising and promoting yourself right away! This will allow people to catch wind of what you offer which will build anticipation. People get excited about new businesses opening in their area!


Give them teaser flyers, run online ads, or whatever you have budgeted. All this, while somewhat expensive, will give you more exposure and peak people’s curiosity. So then, when you do finally open your doors, there will be (hopefully) a line outside waiting for your magical masseuse hands! Branding yourself as an expert in the field of massage therapy or even in specialized field such as sports massage therapy can help you rise above the competition.


Location is an important factor for the massage business

For any business, location is critical in gaining exposure and driving income. Leasing a studio is expensive, of course, so sit down and look at your budget and see what you can reasonably afford. The beauty of having your own massage studio is that you can truly make it “your own space.” You can decorate however you want, adding ambiance and character. Personally, we love a good massage therapy business that has a calming, relaxing vibe to it. You’re there to relax, after all!


If leasing a studio isn’t in the budget, there is always the option of renting a
space from an existing practitioner or massage studio. Sure, you may not be able to add your own flair, but it is cheaper than leasing a whole space just for yourself.

If that isn’t an option, you can always have clients come to your home. This is, obviously, the most convenient for you because you get to work right out of the comfort of your own home. But be aware that in most cities you will need a work-from-home permit, so do your research on that. The last option, which isn’t all that convenient for you, is to drive to your clients homes using a portable massage table. Of course many cities and states require a business license and a background check to perform massage therapy at most any location.


Sole Proprietor or LLC for starting a massage therapy business?

So with all that in mind, let’s talk about forming your company. Any good massage therapy business is going to need a name that people can remember easily. You want it to set the tone for what you offer. If your niche is more therapy-based, you’ll want a name that’s perhaps more clinical. If your niche is more spa-based, you may want a more creative name. You may elect to use your own name and establish your brand in that manner as well.


You will also need to decide what your business entity is. Are you a sole proprietor? As a sole proprietor you will be able to use your Social Security number to file your taxes. Are you a limited liability company? As a limited liability company you will need to apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. The decision is yours, however, an accountant can help you choose the best way to form your business.


Decide the correct way to price your services as a massage therapist

You will also need to figure out what services you will offer and what those services should cost. Massage therapy may cost more in New York City than in, say, Seattle, Washington. So do your research here as well. Look up other local massage therapy businesses and see what they charge. Also many massage therapy schools provide the knowledge and experience in your area to provide you valuable insight in pricing your services and business assistance.


You want to be competitive, but don’t undercharge yourself! We’ve come to find that if you are charging way less to drive people through your door, you may be stabbing yourself in the foot because no one wants to go get a massage from someone that cheap! How good can they really be is what most people are thinking. So again, keep your prices competitive but don’t undermine your talent!


Offer additional services and products in your massage therapy practice

What’s great about massage are all the other little components you can offer. Aromatherapy, holistic services, and even bath and body essentials are being sold at massage therapy companies because it all goes hand in hand! Think about it; you’ve just had a wonderful, ninety minute massage, you’re relaxed, you’re happy and now as you’re leaving you see a wall of grade-A lotions and soaps for sale. Why not treat yourself? It may not be the bulk of income, but it is little sales like these that will up your income and bring clients back to you.


A career as a massage therapist is incredibly rewarding. Clients come to you because they need to relax, as well as, to get rid of pain and stiffness with their bodies and muscles. Many customers come to you because they threw their backs out. People are trusting you with their bodies and that right there is an extremely satisfying feeling. Friendships form, your business grows, and you have lifelong clients who help you to become successful and financially independent in a job you can truly love to go to work daily. What isn’t more rewarding than that?


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