Beloved graduates, peers, friends, and community: It is with great sadness and tremendous gratitude that we share this with you: we will not be enrolling students for the Fall 2021 start... and likely not enrolling any future classes as well.We realize that many of you may be shocked, saddened, disappointed... and we are too. We’ve considered many, many avenues for keeping our doors open, but without sustainable enrollment numbers, we simply cannot continue. While demand for LMTs (nationwide and in WA) continues to grow, enrollment numbers continue to decline. This trend was underway when we first opened our doors nearly 10 years ago, and the pandemic has only widened that divide.We just graduated a lovely and talented group of grads. We are also firmly committed to completing classes (Q3 & Q4) for our final cohort with care, support, and professionalism. They will graduate and join the massage profession in March 2022.The silver lining in all of this, to be honest, is all of you — the students, teachers, and supportive community who have helped us (and each other) grow and learn and develop. We have treasured our time together and appreciate what you brought to us and the profession. You all are a gift, and we're grateful to know and grow alongside you.Remember, a Discoverypoint is neither the beginning nor the end, but a point along the way…part of the journey of our lives, our careers, and the stories we continue to weave. Thank you for joining us on this journey.💜 Pat, Lisa & Julie ... See MoreSee Less

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What Is The #Trager® Approach?The #TragerApproach is a #somaticeducation practice that helps people #experience themselves as #healthyandwhole. Developed by Dr. Milton Trager, it blends #touch, #movement, and #curiosity to #teach #clients to feel changes in their tissues and return to this feeling state to effect long-lasting changes.#dpsom #discoverypoint #seattle #massageschoolseattle #wfh ... See MoreSee Less

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#8 #Prepare the #InsuranceMost important, we are going to talk to you about insurance that you may need in your #business.#LiabilityinsuranceIn centers where skin treatment and touching client’s bodies is performed, professional and General Liability (#Malpractice) Insurance is critical. Hence, although it is not usual, there is a risk that the practitioner may cause damage to the #client. Many companies offer policy coverage for at least $2,000,000 limit per occurrence for less than $300 per year. Besides, a massage center must have a #CommercialInsurance with Civil Liability coverage to obtain the licenses.The most common coverage is the Civil Liability of Exploitation. This is responsible for the business activities. It also covers the damages that employees may cause when carrying out their work.The Employer’s Civil Liability covers the business owner if workers suffer injuries or death due to an accident at work.Multi-Risk InsuranceThis insurance covers the damages that can be caused by a fire or a flood in the #assets of the premises that are insured. It also includes glass breaks, moons, mirrors, etc. It is the insurance company that is responsible for the expenses that may involve the repair of the affected goods.The theft coverage is also #essential because in a massage center may have material quality and quite expensive.#dpsom #legalizeit #massagecareers #happyhealing #holistictherapy ... See MoreSee Less

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#7 Find a #StrategicLocation for #SuccessWhen choosing the location of the #massagecenter, it is best to separate yourself from the #competition. In big cities, there are already many massage centers, and you can find #pricewars and services. What you need to do is look for locations where there are almost no massage centers and little competition.To set up a massage center and have many #clients, you must try to locate it in a street where there is a lot of #movement. The massage rooms must be located in an area of the premises where the sound of the street is not heard. This condition is to avoid disturbing the #tranquility of the clients.A good idea is to locate the massage center in an area where there are people who work all day. In this way, receiving a massage when leaving work will be a perfect #opportunity for them.#dpsom #seattle #caphillseattle #massageschool #massagecareer ... See MoreSee Less

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#6 #Financing as a Licensed Massage TherapistThe initial #investment can be scary at first, but there are many ways to get financing for #massage therapist school and your practice. The primary source of financing to which #entrepreneurs go to set up a massage center is usually from #family and #friends. You can ask them to contribute #capital to your business. Also, they can help you later #promote your #business with #wordofmouth.On the other hand, the different sources of financing most used by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are:#Loans#Credit account#Leasing#Renting ... See MoreSee Less

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Massage Therapy Education 2018 Washington State


Massage Therapy Education 2018 Washington State

Massage therapy education in Washington State, as well as, the U.S. and all over the world is booming and is going to increase in 2018. It’s an undisputed fact that massage therapy is one of the most rewarding and flexible careers that one can excel and achieve financial independence.


The demand for licensed therapists is springing up at different locations such as at spas, on cruise ships, fitness centers, offices, as well as, on demand freelancing.


Massage offers the client health benefits that cannot be overlooked and massage therapy education will make you successful no matter where you work. Of all the alternative treatments that have been in existence, massage therapy is the most popular and has grown into a billion dollar industry. All ages of healthy and unhealthy people are taking advantage of the great benefits and positive results that massage can yield.


A State approved massage school can provide you with both basic and advanced skills needed to become a successful therapist in the field. A balanced massage therapy education combines theory and practical hands on lab experience, in class lectures, off-site outreach, and on site public clinics.


Conventionally speaking it is the job of a massage therapist to manipulate the muscles as well as other soft tissues of a person’s body. By virtue of their touch, therapists alleviate pain, help heal an array of injuries, facilitate better circulation of the blood, relieve stress, increase relaxation and bring about the general wellness of an individual. A good massage therapist is an asset to acquire and utilize.


Licensed massage therapists such as in Seattle, are regulated by the Washington State Department of Health Board of Massage. In order to get a proper, legal and active license, an individual must have the following requirements and State approved training curriculum to practice professionally:


  • At least 130 hours anatomy as well as physiology
  • A minimum of 40 hours kinesiology instruction
  • 50 hours training in pathology
  • 265 hours theory and practice including technique
  • 55 hours clinical and business practices
  • Red Cross first aid certification
  • CPR certification
  • 4 hours HIV/AIDS discussion is mandatory
  • Pass a national and State exam


Beyond this, every two years, licensed massage therapists are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education credits. This CE includes:


  • A minimum of 8+ hours direct massage skills training
  • A minimum of 4+ hours of professional ethics, communication, or review of state laws and regulations
  • 2 hours review of professional roles and boundaries


Once you have passed your State licensing requirements, you can go on to seek employment as a freelancer, as well as, with an employer. You can rest assured that there are plenty of employment opportunities in most states. According to most experts when speaking about the massage therapist job outlook, Washington State and it’s incredibly tech heavy culture serve as a perfect match for anyone looking to become a massage therapist. Irrespective of which part of the U.S. or the World you happen to reside in, if you are considering taking up massage therapy as a full time career, then Seattle is a an obvious pick. Most often than not, massage therapists work in different kinds of settings including:


  • Spas

In this day and age, you will be surprised to note that there are innumerable people who go to spas on a regular basis. On visiting the spa, they do not merely wish to opt for a hair spa or a tan; on the contrary they hope to avail the services of a massage therapist. If you are good at what you do, seeking employment in any one of the high end spas, should be a profitable venture.


  • Fitness Centers

Nowadays there are many gyms and fitness centers which prefer to have in house massage therapists. In this way, clients and club members can avail of the services of the massage therapists as and when required. Having massage therapists on board is especially handy, when clients are looking to relax after an intense workout.


  • Clubs and Hotels

When speaking of the massage therapist job outlook, it would delight you to note that all major clubs as well as hotels have a number of massage therapists on board to offer therapy as an added amenity when required. When working in most renowned clubs, you can rest assured that you will get to enjoy a number of benefits, whether medical or otherwise.


  • Hospitals

One of the best places for a massage therapist to work is in a hospital or therapy center. This is owing to the fact that the pay here is great and additionally you are sure to get medical insurance and other benefits. When working in an atmosphere like this, you are also bound to learn a number of medical things pertaining to your field of work.


  • High End Offices

We truly live in a fast paced environment, where everyone is competing to be number one. Being a part of this rat race, might seem exhilarating initially, but over time it does take a toll on one’s health. It is primarily for this reason that nowadays many high end offices make it a point to have at least one massage therapist on board in order to help employees relax, feel better, and be more productive.


  • Going It Alone

If you have the freelance and entrepreneurial drive to work independently then you can have that lifestyle as a massage therapist. Through hard work, dedication, desire, perseverance, and education, all your dreams can become a reality as a professional therapist.


When statistically speaking of a massage therapist’s job outlook, the employment of massage therapists is projected to grow by approximately 24 percent between the years 2018 and 2024 as according to industry experts.  This is indeed a much faster rate than the average of all occupations. It is the continuous increase in the demand for massage services and health benefits that will eventually lead to even more openings for new massage therapists.


Though the medium annual wage of any massage therapist is roughly $39,860 dollars a year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you are exceptional at what you do and are indispensable to the organization you work with, chances are that your pay will be significantly more than this.


You may be curious about the cost of a massage therapy education and license. If the math is done properly, it will equate to a fee between the range of $6,000 – $10, 000. This cost does not reflect some other fees and expenses that may be incurred. When you become a licensed massage therapist, either working alone or at an institution, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous career as a well-respected health professional.




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