Beloved graduates, peers, friends, and community: It is with great sadness and tremendous gratitude that we share this with you: we will not be enrolling students for the Fall 2021 start... and likely not enrolling any future classes as well.We realize that many of you may be shocked, saddened, disappointed... and we are too. We’ve considered many, many avenues for keeping our doors open, but without sustainable enrollment numbers, we simply cannot continue. While demand for LMTs (nationwide and in WA) continues to grow, enrollment numbers continue to decline. This trend was underway when we first opened our doors nearly 10 years ago, and the pandemic has only widened that divide.We just graduated a lovely and talented group of grads. We are also firmly committed to completing classes (Q3 & Q4) for our final cohort with care, support, and professionalism. They will graduate and join the massage profession in March 2022.The silver lining in all of this, to be honest, is all of you — the students, teachers, and supportive community who have helped us (and each other) grow and learn and develop. We have treasured our time together and appreciate what you brought to us and the profession. You all are a gift, and we're grateful to know and grow alongside you.Remember, a Discoverypoint is neither the beginning nor the end, but a point along the way…part of the journey of our lives, our careers, and the stories we continue to weave. Thank you for joining us on this journey.💜 Pat, Lisa & Julie ... See MoreSee Less

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What Is The #Trager® Approach?The #TragerApproach is a #somaticeducation practice that helps people #experience themselves as #healthyandwhole. Developed by Dr. Milton Trager, it blends #touch, #movement, and #curiosity to #teach #clients to feel changes in their tissues and return to this feeling state to effect long-lasting changes.#dpsom #discoverypoint #seattle #massageschoolseattle #wfh ... See MoreSee Less

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#8 #Prepare the #InsuranceMost important, we are going to talk to you about insurance that you may need in your #business.#LiabilityinsuranceIn centers where skin treatment and touching client’s bodies is performed, professional and General Liability (#Malpractice) Insurance is critical. Hence, although it is not usual, there is a risk that the practitioner may cause damage to the #client. Many companies offer policy coverage for at least $2,000,000 limit per occurrence for less than $300 per year. Besides, a massage center must have a #CommercialInsurance with Civil Liability coverage to obtain the licenses.The most common coverage is the Civil Liability of Exploitation. This is responsible for the business activities. It also covers the damages that employees may cause when carrying out their work.The Employer’s Civil Liability covers the business owner if workers suffer injuries or death due to an accident at work.Multi-Risk InsuranceThis insurance covers the damages that can be caused by a fire or a flood in the #assets of the premises that are insured. It also includes glass breaks, moons, mirrors, etc. It is the insurance company that is responsible for the expenses that may involve the repair of the affected goods.The theft coverage is also #essential because in a massage center may have material quality and quite expensive.#dpsom #legalizeit #massagecareers #happyhealing #holistictherapy ... See MoreSee Less

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#7 Find a #StrategicLocation for #SuccessWhen choosing the location of the #massagecenter, it is best to separate yourself from the #competition. In big cities, there are already many massage centers, and you can find #pricewars and services. What you need to do is look for locations where there are almost no massage centers and little competition.To set up a massage center and have many #clients, you must try to locate it in a street where there is a lot of #movement. The massage rooms must be located in an area of the premises where the sound of the street is not heard. This condition is to avoid disturbing the #tranquility of the clients.A good idea is to locate the massage center in an area where there are people who work all day. In this way, receiving a massage when leaving work will be a perfect #opportunity for them.#dpsom #seattle #caphillseattle #massageschool #massagecareer ... See MoreSee Less

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#6 #Financing as a Licensed Massage TherapistThe initial #investment can be scary at first, but there are many ways to get financing for #massage therapist school and your practice. The primary source of financing to which #entrepreneurs go to set up a massage center is usually from #family and #friends. You can ask them to contribute #capital to your business. Also, they can help you later #promote your #business with #wordofmouth.On the other hand, the different sources of financing most used by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are:#Loans#Credit account#Leasing#Renting ... See MoreSee Less

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Massage Therapy: Fundamentals And Benefits


Massage Therapy: Fundamentals And Benefits



Massage is a general term encompassing pressing, rubbing and manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage is one of the most important remedial procedures occupying a crucial position in Naturopathy.



  1. Most popular:
    a) Swedish
    b) Deep tissue
    c) Sports
    d) Trigger point
    e) Chair
  2.  Other:
    a) Shiatsu
    b) Hot stone
    c) Myofascial
    d) Reflexology
    e) Medical massage



  • Dates back to before 2000 BC
  • Prevalent in civilizations in both East and the West
  • Chinese:
    a) Based on theory of Jing Luo (Channels)
    b) Same as acupuncture
  • Indian:
    a) Based on ancient Ayurvedic healing system



Massage is becoming widely popular among people around the globe. Considered to be part of complementary and alternative medicine, it is increasingly being recommended during the course of standard treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Massage has been proven to be beneficial for:

1. Anxiety
2. Fibromyalgia
3. Headaches
4. Insomnia
5. Stress
6. Myofascial pain syndrome
7. Soft tissue strains and injury
8. Temporomandibular joint pain
9. Sports injury
10. Relieve pain of osteoarthritis


Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are other physiological effects of massage. Some of the physiological effects of massage include:

      1.  Effects on skeletal system:
        a) Increases joint mobility by reducing thickness of connective tissue
        b) Helps release restrictions in the facia
        c) Helps free adhesions, break down scar tissue, reduce inflammation and hence, restore motion of stiff joints
        d) Improves muscle tone and balance
        e) Reduces physical stress on bones and joints
      2.  Effects on muscular system:
        a) Relieves muscular tightness, stiffness, spasms and restrictions
        b) Increases flexibility of the muscles
        c) Increases blood circulation
        d) Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness
        e) Stimulates removal of toxins
      3. Effects on cardiovascular system:
        a) Improves circulation of venous blood back to the heart
        b) Dilates blood vessels for efficient working
        c) Enhances blood flow
        d) Delivery of oxygenated blood to tissues and removal of wastes from the body is quickened
        e) Decreases blood pressure, temporarily
        f) Decreases heart rate
        g) Reduces ischaemia
      4. Effects on lymphatic system:
        a) Increases lymphatic drainage
        b) Reduces oedema
        c) Increases white blood cells production and hence, boosts immune health
      5. Effects on nervous system:
        a) Stimulates sensory receptors
        b) Soothes nerve endings
        c) Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system
        d) Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
        e) Reduces pain by the release of endorphins
      6. Effects on skin:
        a) Improves blood circulation to skin and so, nutrition to cells is improved
        b) Stimulates cell regeneration
        c) Increases sweat release from glands
        d) Vasodilates the capillaries and hence, produces glow in the skin
        e) Provides resistance to infection
        f) Improves elasticity
      7. Effects on respiratory system:
        a) Deepens respiration
        b) Improves lung capacity
        c) Relaxes any kind of tightness in respiratory muscles
        d) Improves rate of respiration
        e) Stimulates sympathetic nervous system
      8. Effects on digestive system:
        a) Stimulates peristalsis of large intestine
        b) Relieves constipation, colic and gas
        c) Stimulates digestion
      9. Effects on urinary system:
        a) Increases urinary output
        b) Improves lymph drainage



Massage is not recommended in case of:

      • Bleeding disorders or if taking blood-thinning medication
      • Burns or healing wounds
      • Deep vein thrombosis
      • Fractures
      • Severe osteoporosis
      • Severe thrombocytopenia
      • Fever
      • Pregnancy (around abdominal muscles)



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