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What Is The Trager® Approach?


What Is The Trager® Approach?

The Trager® Approach is a massage therapy through movement developed by Dr. Milton Trager in the twentieth century. Dr. Trager developed the approach going back to his sickly childhood, and created the style that helped those with any neuromuscular conditions without adding in any medications. It is part of the somatic movement, which focuses on bodily movement and proprioception. Part osteopathy and part psychotherapy, the Trager® Approach creates an improved physical and mental state of mind for those who undergo it.


There are two versions of the Trager® Approach: passive massage or an active massage. The passive version is very much like a regular message or tablework, lying on a table, while a therapist applies gentle touch to the body. The therapist shifts the person in ways they would naturally move in such a style that the person feel as if they are moving freely on their own. The movements are never pushed and there is no pain or discomfort during the massage. The active version is known as Mentastics®, in which the patient moves themselves as part of their own daily routine with the same intent as the passive method.


The purpose of the Trager® Approach is to create a body relief of deep-seeded physical and mental thoughts that aid in deep relaxation, increase all physical movement, and clear the conscious. These removed patterns developed as a reaction to any accident, illness, or any type of physical/emotional trauma suffered in the past as well as, from daily stress. The method is popular because it does not need surgery or medications for such conditions; thus, it is listed as a form of alternative medicine. So, while it is not part of the orthodox ways of caring for conditions, it allows people to regain their strength through all-natural bodywork.


There are practitioners of the method around the world, as well as, classes to become a professional practitioner of the Trager® Approach. Any licensed massage therapist can become a certified Trager® practitioner through accredited education and by studying and mastering the integration. One session of a Trager® massage lasts an hour and does not use oils or lotions on the body. It is simply about moving the body is ways, such how we walk and how we sit, and keeping these motions intact for a time while under a semi-hypnosis state. The self-practitioners simply follow the same mechanism every day in structured form. This quality of effortless movement and self-care is kept and strengthened by Mentastics®, which comes from a combination of the phrase “mental gymnastics.”


The Trager® Approach is a simple form of body movement that can stop many stress-induced tension, body pains, and body stiffness and replace them with natural, pleasurable sensations. These actions are easy to do because it is tender and works everyone with different capabilities, from the athlete to the physically impaired. The Trager® approach makes one’s body feel ageless, full of energy, and free from the ailments that constrict them physically and mentally and daily in their lives. People can connect again to their body of such natural lightness of movement anytime and anywhere.

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