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5 Ways Consistent Massage Improves Your Frame Of Mind


5 Ways Consistent Massage Improves Your Frame Of Mind

Here are 5 ways consistent massage improves your frame of mind. Awareness on the importance of massage has grown significantly and its many therapeutic benefits have become widespread and much acknowledged both by medical experts and ordinary folks that continue to enjoy and attest to its many fascinating relevancies. While the numerous bodily advantages of massage have been uncovered, it would surprise you to know that massage actually impacts tremendously on your frame of mind and emotional balance. Because you may be skeptic about this claim, this exposition is dedicated to revealing the numerous ways in which massage improves your entire state of mind dramatically.


If you receive massages consistently, you can almost always corroborate the feeling of mental balance, clarity and precision that comes during or almost immediately after a session. Well, here is a list of 5 scientifically proven ways in which massage improves your frame of mind:


  1. Lowers cholesterol and bolsters immune system: high levels of cholesterol in the blood cause a great deal of bodily discomfort that inevitably encourages mental disturbances and emotional imbalance. It has been substantiated that a massage session that lasts up to twenty five minutes would typically lower ones cholesterol level considerably. In addition to the aforesaid, massage triggers the production of blood which is particularly great for the immune system thus supporting better mood.
  2. Increased serotonin: when it comes to mental balance and health, serotonin plays a crucial role. Serotonin is produced in the brain and is fundamentally responsible for preventing feelings of melancholy and depression. Massage has been shown to stimulate the secretion and release of serotonin in the brain which is vital in tackling bad mood.
  3. Prevents and Counteracts Cortisol and Adrenaline: the aforementioned chemical substances are released in the body when agitated, threatened or stressed. Quite frankly, these hormones are very unsafe when produced excessively and frequently with a heightened chance of damaging mental health. Having consistent half-hour massage sessions has been shown to prevent and reduce the abnormal production of these chemical substances in the body.  Well administered massages would soothe the body while lowering these hormones and their potential impact on mental balance and clarity.
  4. Alleviates a variety of psychological conditions: various researches into the potential benefits of massage on mental health revealed that regular massage alleviates a long list of mental psychiatric conditions. According to AMTA, massage has been shown to better the following conditions: anxiety, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, and more. Other investigations reveal that the integration of massage with conventional medicine yields dramatic and laudable outcomes.
  5. Miscellaneous perks: while most people would narrow the numerous contributions of massage to improving commonplace mental conditions, it would interest you to know that the advantage of massage transcends this. Consistent and well administered massage would bolster the entirety of your emotional and mental health. Massage helps create a lifestyle of comfort and relaxation which encourages improved mental poise and health.

While the focus of this exposition is centered on the relevance of massage emotional clarity and mental health, there is always interplay between how your body feels and how your mind feels. Given the aforesaid, it is worth mentioning that massage helps to relax muscles, tissues and nerves which make you feel much better and impacts positively on your mental health. More so, massages have been known to counter lazy blood while enhancing circulation which is pivotal to speedy recovery and mental balance.


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Massage has an incontestable reputation as a very therapeutic operation with astounding healing benefits. While many of its bodily benefits have been uncovered, massage has also shown to be very relevant in improving mental health and emotional clarity. For newbies to massages, it comes highly recommended that your massage sessions are with certified and licensed professionals.  This consideration is fundamentally crucial as failure to patronize an accredited expert could jeopardize and even exacerbate existing problems.


Having regular massage sessions would certainly bolster your bodily health while contributing immensely in alleviating the drudgery of daily pursuits. In simplest terms, massages would mitigate various emotional and mental imbalances that could undermine the quality of your life.  Massage makes you relaxed, happier and more productive. Do not hesitate to get a massage today!



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