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How Regular Massage Reduces Stress and Anxiety


How Regular Massage Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Regular massage reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes good mental health. As a result of this, most people now value massage as an essential part of their health and overall physical condition, which consists of the body, spirit, and mind. Furthermore, massage therapy is the most common form of alternative and complementary medicine given to patients in hospitals and medical clinics for healing mental problems, stress reduction, pain and general health.


Massage rehabilitation is the oldest and easiest form of medicine dating back thousands of years. Massage is not just for luxury, but rather an asset to yourself and personal health. Massage can be described as the rubbing, pressing, stretching, kneading, and in other words influencing skin, joints, tendons, and muscles.


There are many different types of massage, but some of the most popular are:


Swedish massage therapy – This is the most common and well- known type of massage in the US. It involves kneading, circular movements, and strokes. The massage counselor uses lotion or oil when carrying out the Swedish massage therapy. It is usually very calming and relaxing.


Deep tissue massage – This type of massage is different from the Swedish massage therapy in that it targets the deeper layers of your connective tissue and muscles. It is usually performed on patients that are suffering from postural problems, chronically tight muscles, or a patient recovering from an injury.


Hot stone massage – This type of massage is similar to how it sounds. It involves placing hot smooth stones on some parts of your body so as to loosen the tight muscles. Occasionally, the therapist will apply gentle pressure with the hot stones. The heat from the stones provides a good feeling and an expansion of blood vessels to increase blood flow throughout the body.


Sports Massage – This type of massage does not require you to be a professional athlete. However, this type of massage treatment is used by people that live an active life and perform vigorous exercise. The main target of a sports massage is not for relaxation alone, but it helps to prevent injuries and promote athletic performance.


Trigger Point Massage – This type of massage targets some exact areas of your body, rather than the whole body. The therapist will identify the muscle responsible for the problems and will then apply deep pressure so as to relax and manipulate that part the body.


In the University of Miami, the Touch Research Institute has carried out a lot of research on massage’s effects on mental health and the outcome showed that massage therapy efficiently reduces symptoms associated with:





Other mental health conditions


Moreover, a lot of people treat themselves with massage frequently, which is good for physical fitness and mental well-being. When you perform massage therapy regularly, you give your body the overall health benefits to keep it functioning at top capacity.


Furthermore, most people encounter lots of anxiety and pressure with everyday life that results in a vast amount of chronic stress which can lead to abnormal health, higher risk of deadly diseases, as well as, many other ailments. Massage therapy is one of the best methods to relieve you from the excess stress and anxiety you encounter daily.


Massage therapy not only relaxes the muscles in your body; it can also place your mind in a state of deep relaxation too. Massage also prompts the discharge of brain chemicals called endorphins, which helps to fight against stress and increase your mood and well-being.


Also, massage therapy enhances the discharge of other relaxing hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. By increasing the presence of these hormones, it will decrease the production of the stress hormone called cortisol.


Apart from relaxing your mind and body, massage therapy will helps your sleep quality, and enhances good mental health and clear thinking. Lack of good sleep can result in memory loss, slowed down thought processes, and also poor decision making. In conclusion, massage therapy can help to resolve many problem. Bottom line, regular massage resolves many physical and mental problems and will help you live a healthier and more comfortable life.


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