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Top Six Massage Methods


Top Six Massage Methods

Massage is a therapeutic process that involves the application of pressure on body tissues using fingers palm, elbows knees and sometimes feet.  Massage offers tremendous healing and curative benefits that is intended to mitigate strain, discomfort and soreness while helping the body to unwind and remain healthy. In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, massage has been known to facilitate enhanced circulation in the body while improving overall well-being.


While all of the relevancies and applications of massage listed in this exposition is by no means exhaustive, it becomes imperative to point out that there are assortments of massage methods which are used to accomplish different therapeutic effects. Nonetheless, irrespective of the massage methods and processes employed, the bottom line remains that you would feel much better and experience desirable improvements in various areas of your body health.


In recent times, there has been an explosion of many massage methods which is characterized by the application of a distinctive stroke patterns.   In simpler terms, the stroke pattern used in the massage would most often determine the type of massage method and the therapeutic benefits that you get. The various stroke patterns are often different in speed and extent of pressure.  For a comprehensive insight into the various massage methods and their potential therapeutic relevance, the following is a list of top six massage methods:


  • Deep Tissue massage: when it comes to massage methods, the deep tissue massage offers has a more penetrating effect on the body muscles. This massage method often requires that a significant amount of pressure is applied on the muscles on the body to the accompaniment of a more gradual systematic stroke in which the fingers runs through sore and stiff body muscles. During the massage process, a remarkable application of force with the fingers or elbows would be required for desired effects. Usually, the force would run through the muscle and reach for the much inner parts of tendon for far reaching effect.
  • The Swedish massage: the Swedish massage is equally a well celebrated form of massage method and involves the simple of rubs, gentle strikes and pattering to the whole body in order to create increased joint flexibility and reduce muscle tightness and soreness. The distinctiveness of this massage method is hinged on the extensive range of therapeutic rubs that it employs. The Swedish massage embraces the use of Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement, and Vibration rubbing patterns.  While the various rub patterns listed contained in the Swedish massage have their specific focus area in the body, they all create the overall impression of cosseted. Nonetheless, it must be pointed out the Swedish massage is relevant in enhancing the amount and movement of blood oxygen while eliminating harmful secretions that were created by muscle strain. Essentially, this massage is suitable for curing muscle soreness.
  • Sports Massage: this type of massage is used majorly in athletic activities and involves the use of processes such as acupressure and tissue massage. This massage is used to address various sprains and soreness of muscles that is commonly experienced by sportspersons. The goal of this massage is to release muscle stiffness and rigidity caused by competitive athletic display and is also a preventive measure used to reduce the frequency of muscle cramps and other related wounds that could affect sportspeople during sporting activities.
  • La Stone Massage: this massage method has an incontestable reputation as the most preferred massage method and is largely the most pervasive. It is commonly requested by most people, and it is considered to have a great deal of curative effects and relevancies. This massage method is often accompanied with an adjustment in client’s body heat and would frequently regulate pulse and respiration rate. All of these physiological changes is usually suggestive of enhanced blood circulation and heightened oxygen levels which would often create a sensation of overall comfort once concluded.
  • Neuromuscular Massage: this massage is closely associated with the deep tissue massage method which focuses on specific muscles.  Nonetheless, this massage has the feature of stimulating the movement of blood and lymph secretions which is great when suffering from tired blood. This massage equally mitigates soreness and encourages muscle flexibility. This massage also focuses on nerves while assuaging headaches and other muscular discomforts.  
  • Rolfing massage: this massage method is equally celebrated and enjoys popular appeal with extensive therapeutic benefits. Rolfing focuses on restructuring body posture as the general idea of this massage method is that certain body posture provokes illnesses and health complications like aches, soreness and pain. The goal of this massage is to make straight body muscles while alleviating various conditions that are caused by muscular irregularities and bends.


Massage is a great way to relax the body and encourage efficient blood circulation. It also expedites muscular and tissue recovery while providing a soothing feeling required for overall wellness. The aforementioned is a list of the most celebrated massage methods in the world so you know which one is well suited to your needs. For more information and education, please visit the following course offerings.

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