We're SO PROUD of our evening program graduates! Such an intelligent, fun, inquisitive, lively, and personable group! Truly beautiful human beings -- and truly capable therapists!

Watch out world, they're on fire and ready to make a difference.
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Diary of a Massage Student

The End of Quarter Two

Dear Diary,
Here we are, cohort of Fall 2017, in the midst of mid winter break. Where did quarter two go?

Here is a snapshot. In words and pictures (can you match them?)
The time went into getting our hands on muscles, uncovering them and naming them, remembering their actions for tests. The time was filled with study nests for epic anatomy tests, bonding over bones, opening sheep hearts and brains and eyes to make real connections to our learning. It was filled with laughter, wonder, grief, and as many anatomy puns and jokes you could handle. (Heart and Soleus forever will stick with me. Why? Your calf muscles are considered a second heart, their movement pumping blood back to your heart.)

And possibly the most important, we spent this time opening our hearts to each other in each of our most vulnerable, worn down and doubtful learning place.

There are many stories I could tell, but I'll leave here a story of transition:

It was a class with Lisa Nelson, who if you remember was the instigator of our Therapy Thursdays back in quarter 1. When we came into class there was a beautiful red carpet from Afghanistan sitting in the middle of the room. She didn't talk about it till the end. When she did, she told the story of another hand knotted carpet from Persia.
The practice of hand knotting a 6 foot by 5 foot carpet takes months, a circle of carpet makers working together, hundreds of thousands of tiny knots. What happens if a mistake is made in the pattern? Is the knot taken out? The carpet abandoned?
These carpet makers have a mentor that keeps an eye on the progress, and makes suggestions in how to adjust the patten so it fits together, it blends in. Take a closer look. Can you spot the oddity?

This is our work. From here on out, our schooling and learning isn't about studying for tests and filling in the right multiple choice bubble. It's about blending the pieces together. And the mistakes become part of the glorious whole. And we will need to find those who can be our mentors.

Outcome Based Massage! Quarter 3! Here we come! Let the messy learning happen!

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Diary Of A Massage Student
Happy Valentines Day!

It's our Quarter 2 final for MSA comprehensive, which meant knowing details of over 60 muscles. My brain is mush, but I have coffee, and I think I passed.

Have a glorious day!!
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Calling all LMTs! We're on the lookout for professionals willing to receive massage in exchange for quality feedback! Can we count on you? A colleague? (Why not both?)

Two times available: 9:30am and 11:45am on Wed 2/21.

No cost to you, just be willing to give feedback as a client. Sessions will be held in a classroom setting, and supervised by faculty. Click the "Book Now" button and jump ahead to February 21 to reserve your spot.

We need 22 LMTs total, so tell your colleagues and bring a friend!

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Who's ready for a great massage? We have 2 openings for tonight's Student Clinic -- both at 5:30pm.

Just $25 -- cash or check only. Book now -- quick, before they're gone! Thanks, and we'll see you soon.

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March Madness Sports Massage Therapy


March Madness Sports Massage Therapy

With “March Madness” upon us and with the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament kicking into high gear, there is bound to be a few twists and turns expected along the way! Along with performance, there is a lot of pressure on the athletes to bring their A-game in every tournament and although they are coming prepared mentally, their bodies are certainly not made of steel and they may experience athletic injuries such as:


  1. Hamstring Strains: These are tendon or muscle injuries that affect the three muscles behind the knee that makes up the hamstring.
  2. Shoulder Injury: Such as sprains, dislocations, and strains, which are very common injuries experienced in basketball.
  3. Hip Strain when the muscles that assist with upward movement of the legs and knees are stretched too far or torn
  4. Sciatica: This is lower back pain that shoots down to the legs.
  5. Groin Pulls: These are injuries to the inner thigh muscle.
  6. Shin Splints: Where the athlete experiences extreme pain down the front of their legs.
  7. Patellofemoral Syndrome: Knee injuries that damage the kneecap tissues. Also, a very common form of injury associated with basketball.
  8. Foot and Ankle Injuries: The feet and ankles are perhaps some of the most injured areas in basketball players and need constant attention.


These injuries are quite prone and occur due to the often aggressive and repetitive movements athletes use during tournaments and when practicing in preparation for their games. While some of the injuries may take a while to recover from, most of them are easily manageable and preventable with regular sports massage therapy.  Sports massage therapy is designed to maintain the optimum condition of a player, as well as, prevention and minimizing the chances of exasperating an injury.


Having a licensed sports massage therapist in this field is of great importance because they will understand what type of treatment to apply in relation to the injury incurred. They are also qualified in dealing with the health of muscle, the range of movement, tone, symmetry, the balance of muscle and quality of posture to name a few. An incorrect application of therapy in some athletes can aggravate an injury making it worse. A professional sports massage therapist must be able to deduce most of the injuries and the root cause, and be able to manage any pain or discomfort experienced by the athletes.


In conclusion, a regular sports massage is needed for the relief of sore muscles, and is also an important recovery tool that can be used to promote:


  • Relaxation by reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increase circulation to affected areas
  • Remove toxins
  • Proper flexibility
  • Improve endurance
  • Prevent injuries
  • Promote flexibility
  • Reduce muscle stiffness


A pre-game massage is just as important as it helps to relax the muscle in preparation for the game. This is a way that can be used to determine if an athlete has a pre-existing injury that needs attention and bottom line, help the athletes be winners on the court during championship play!


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