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Things You Should Know About Becoming A Licensed Massage Therapist In Seattle Washington

Things You Should Know About Becoming A Licensed Massage Therapist In Seattle Washington


If you wish to practice as a massage therapist and you are not quite sure of how to get started, this article will provide you useful and insightful tips towards kick-starting your massage therapy training.


The benefits of therapeutic massages to the body are virtually endless. Not only does the physical body benefit from the therapy; it has a positive effect on the mind as well. People who have made regular massages a part of their routine, are known to have higher energy levels, greater flexibility, good joints, and more mobility. Little wonder why massage schools are becoming increasingly popular and offer a rewarding career choice and occupation.


Your training as a therapist will cover several topics; many of which are related to the human anatomy and physiology, especially the skeletal, muscular and facial systems. This knowledge is absolutely necessary for prospective massage therapists because they need to know the possible reactions of different parts of the body when they are massaged. The same massage technique cannot be applied to different parts of the body, hence the need to understand the human anatomy. Other topics that are covered include kinesiology and pathology.


In Seattle, licensed massage therapist schools tend to focus on the teaching the fundamentals of the most common forms of massage, such as Swedish, Myofaciall, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, and the Trager Approach, to name a few. Having a working knowledge of these different forms of massage therapy greatly benefits a therapist in catering to a wide range of customers by offering a wide range of services. This also increases the earning potential of the therapist.


An important consideration for anyone interested in becoming a massage therapist is the state where you intend to set up your practice. In Washington, all massage therapists are required to be licensed by the state, and must graduate from a Board of Health approved massage school first before qualifying for the licensing exam. Once a licensed massage therapist, you must maintain your license with required continuing education course work, and meet the professional and ethical standards of all health care professionals.  The state Massage Board, a branch of the state Board of Health, is responsible for monitoring all this.


Majority of the massage therapy programs available today also prepare the student to become nationally certified. So once you are a Licensed Washington Massage Therapist , you may choose to become nationally accredited, which can help you find jobs in the massage industry anywhere in the United States and internationally.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to job opportunities as a massage therapist. You can choose self-employment by taking on your own clients at a home office or an ‘out-call’ practice, or be an employee working in a spa or health clinic, or combine your practice as self-employed and employee.  You’re the boss, so if all this sounds appealing, get busy and check out DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in Seattle.

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