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4 Degrees That Pay Off Immediately After Graduation

4 Degrees That Pay Off Immediately After Graduation

Despite a rebounding American economy, recent college graduates continue to struggle in finding decent wages in their fields of study. Unemployment among young graduates hit 7.2% in 2015 and the rate of underemployment peaked at nearly 15% in the same year – hardly comforting statistics for those about to begin their adult lives. But as much as the buzzwords “recession-proof” are overused, there are a few areas of study that offer immediate benefit to those who take up the challenge.

1. Network Administrator

Despite the ever-growing need for reliable, secure network systems across a variety of industries, applicants require only a two-year course in IT certification (some institutions even expedite that). These positions are desirable for young graduates, as applicants rely on technical knowledge and experience to advance, but the starting pay at most companies is well worth the effort.

2. Radiation Therapist

Working as part of an oncology team, radiation therapists help administer radiation treatments to cancer patients. Radiation therapists also work with doctors and nurses to help improve treatments, prepare equipment, and maintain patient files. Plus, Monster.com reports that radiation therapists make 83% more than the average starting wage for Associate Degree holders.

3. Green Energy Technician

So-called “green collar jobs” are increasingly in high demand, as new energy solutions coming online call for qualified technicians to service them. From positions as an energy rating auditor to urban arborist to wind turbine technician, the number of green energy jobs is only going to grow as the world moves further away from fossil fuels – that makes for an excellent opportunity for enterprising young graduates.

4. Licensed Massage Practitioner

A career in massage therapy brings many benefits (choose your own hours, work anywhere, and great pay), but the main draw for many potential applicants is the speed by which training can be completed. At DiscoveryPoint School of Massage, we specialize in preparing students for careers as licensed massage practitioners with small class sizes, one-on-one training, and comprehensive education over a 10-month period. That’s right – a fulfilling career in massage therapy is less than a year of hard work away. So what are you waiting for? Contact DiscoveryPoint School of Massage to learn more about our program today!

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