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Next Novice Class February 21st—Don’t Miss If You Want to Enroll with Us!

Next Novice Class February 21st—Don’t Miss If You Want to Enroll with Us!

If you’re interested in a career in massage, or just interested in massage in general, February 21st is a crucial date to mark on your calendar. We’ll be hosting our last Novice Class before our March 15 Professional Massage Program begins, and if you think you might want to become a professional massage therapist, you’ll need this prerequisite!

At our Novice Class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of therapeutic Swedish massage, including how to use massage equipment and supplies and become acquainted with the basic strokes. If you just want to know how to give a really good shoulder massage for friends, family, or partners, this course will definitely help you understand the basics of bodywork and touch and take your back rub game to the next level.

Of course, if you want to become a student of anatomy, physiology, and the power of bodywork and eventually become a licensed massage practitioner, our Novice Class is the first step on the path of enrollment with Discoverypoint School of Massage! We ask our students to complete the Novice Class first because it’s a fantastic introduction to our methods, instructors, learning environment, and teaching style, and will help students determine if a massage career (and our massage school in particular) is right for them.

We’re also excited to announce that our February 21st Novice Class will be taught by Pat Archer, one of the Discoverypoint owners and premier massage therapists in the Pacific Northwest. Pat literally wrote the book on massage, and rarely teaches Novice classes, so it’s a very special treat to have such an experienced educator leading this one! Not to be missed for anyone curious about bodywork.

Our February 21st Novice Class will run from 9-5 on a Sunday, providing eight hours of fun and informative hands-on instruction. The cost is only $50, which is a bargain for a full day of learning (especially with Pat Archer!) and we’ll even apply that $50 toward tuition if you enroll at Discoverypoint within a year. Furthermore, this Novice Class is the day before the deadline for our $500 Early Bird Enrollment discount, which ends 2/22, so come try your hand at Discoverypoint and get ready for our next Professional Massage Program!

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