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Travel Bug? 4 Careers That Accommodate Wanderlust

Travel Bug? 4 Careers That Accommodate Wanderlust

If you’ve ever wondered how to land a well-paying, rewarding, and flexible career that allows for travel and adventure, you’re not alone. While positions that actually foot the bill for travelers are often few and far between (let alone competitive), that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of career opportunities that accommodate – and even encourage – an adventurous lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions for those who wander:

Flight Attendant

The perfect career for young people who want to travel and experience different parts of the world, regional airlines are always hiring flight attendants. However, you don’t necessarily have to become a flight attendant in order to enjoy the perks of airline life. Companies like Delta and United are always hiring for behind-the-scenes positions that involve travel and even provide travel benefits for families.

Travel Nurse

If you’ve even been interested in helping people for a living and seeing some of the world, there’s never been a better time to get into the healthcare field. Travel nurses are placed in hospital assignments all over the world, some for as little as a few months at a time extending to several years if so desired. U.S. territories are especially attractive options, as they include the Virgin Islands, Saipan, and the Mariana Islands.

Retail Buyers

Wholesale and retail buyers help make purchasing decisions for large companies and global vendors and can have a great impact on future trends and sales numbers. Many of these positions, while based in a central headquarters or regional office, allow for travel to other corporate locations, suppliers, and vendor offices all around the country and the world. Positions range from those at small, specialized boutiques all the way up to retail giants like Costco and Wal-Mart.

Massage Practitioner

Becoming a licensed massage practitioner carries with it several benefits, but none greater than the ability to set up shop anywhere and everywhere. Flexible hours and the ability to practice in various locations means LMPs who love to travel can bring their equipment and experience with them as they adventure, setting up shop along the way if so desired. Getting started on a career in massage therapy isn’t difficult, either – all it takes is the right education and training. DiscoveryPoint School of Massage is dedicated to equipping future LMPs with the knowledge and skills to provide a rewarding, fruitful career for decades to come. Check out the available programs or use the contact form to learn more today!

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