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Online Massage Schools vs. Hands-On Classrooms: Pros and Cons

Online Massage Schools vs. Hands-On Classrooms: Pros and Cons

While the Internet has brought many conveniences and benefits to people without access to reliable, knowledgeable resources within their communities, online trade schools simply cannot provide the level of insight, experience, and access to equipment required for success in professional careers such as massage therapy.

At DiscoveryPoint School of Massage, we believe a hands-on approach is the most beneficial method to training knowledgeable Licensed Massage Practitioners and preparing them for success in the field for decades to come.

Here’s why an online program just can’t match up:

Small Class Sizes and Access to Instructors

There’s no classroom smaller than your home, but while the convenience and flexibility of online classes is nothing to take lightly, you sacrifice invaluable interactions with skilled instructors who have decades of experience in the massage therapy industry. And with small class sizes, each student has the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback to ensure they’re on the right track. 

Hands-On Skills and Expertise

If you can’t spend time actually practicing a skill or trade, you’re not going to be as valuable to employers or patients as a LMP with dozens of hours of time in front of the table. While theory and extensive knowledge of techniques are important, there’s nothing that can replace actual experience working with patients under the advisement of talented instructors.

Preparation for Licensing

Online massage training programs often advertise certificates and diplomas for completion of their courses, yet few offer assistance or advice for state licensing exams and application procedures. At DiscoveryPoint School of Massage, we can help guide you through the licensing process and prepare you for your exams – all on-site and face-to-face.

If you’re still weighing your options and aren’t quite sure about the differences between an online massage therapy training course and a comprehensive hands-on school, give DiscoveryPoint School of Massage a call today. Our admissions counselors can help you make an informed decision about your future and can even assist you in comparing your pros and cons for each possible decision. Contact us today for more information.

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