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Building Your Resume: Best Practices for New Massage Therapists

building your resume best practices for new massage therapists

Building Your Resume: Best Practices for New Massage Therapists

Just as with any other profession, constructing your massage therapy resume in a clear, concise manner is an incredibly important aspect of making a good first impression. However, just as with any other area of expertise, knowing more about the massage industry and what clinics are looking for in a potential new hire can help your resume stay on top of the pile and increase your chances of getting the job you’ve worked so hard to land.

Critical Information to Include

– Name, phone number, and email address

– Introductory summary of your strengths and skills in addition to the position you’re applying for

– Relevant experience and details of your duties from each previous employer

– Awards and certifications (such as an AMTA Professional Membership)

– Education and training schools as well as workshops or outside training you feel informs your professional expertise

If any of your experiences listed don’t pertain to your career, explain briefly why you’re including them in your resume. Remember, its best to keep your listed qualifications limited to those that are clearly relevant to the job you’re applying.

Chronological or Functional?

The tried-and-true method of listing your experiences and skills in descending chronological order isn’t always the best way to go when it comes to a competitive industry like massage therapy. Instead, consider listing your skills or experiences in the order by which they’re most relevant to the job in question. While that may mean rewriting your resume for each job you apply for, it’ll go a long way to helping you stand out amongst the crowd of applicants.

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy and still need to make your first step on your path to this incredibly rewarding industry, consider attending Discovery Point School of Massage. Our trained massage therapy professionals can help guide you through your initial steps and prepare you for a long, illustrious career in massage therapy or help you stay abreast of new techniques. Contact us today for more information about our programs or to learn more about our process.

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