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5 Reasons Why Adults Make Excellent Massage School Students

At DiscoveryPoint School of Massage, we see prospective students coming through our doors from all walks of life, and all age groups. Whether it’s a young adult preparing to start their first career, or a retiree looking for a fulfilling part-time occupation, we know that going to massage school is an excellent choice for the adult learner. Here’s why:

1. Maturity
A good massage therapist isn’t just a skilled, hands-on technician – a good massage therapist is also a great listener and insightful observer. These traits are much more common in adult students in general, and very common here at Discoverypoint since the average age of our student body tends to be 30 to 34 years of age. That means our younger students get to learn from the maturity of older classmates, and those elders get a big injection of enthusiasm and fresh ideas from the younger generation.

2. Previous Experience
Experience in the workplace and professional industries are invaluable for first-time massage
therapists. Whether you’re planning to start your own practice or seek employment at a spa or clinic, having other work and professional experience is a huge benefit to students. Those life lessons help you blossom quickly in our professional communication and business classes.

3. Focus and Dedication
Adult students tend to have more motivation and interest in actually completing a training program and are generally self-sufficient, whereas younger students are supported by their parents and aren’t always committed to a singular profession or interest. Wanting to be in attendance and making a focused effort toward completing a goal makes a big difference in the learning process.

4. Workable Schedules
Adult learners will always be challenged to fit class schedules into their other commitments, jobs, and family responsibilities. At Discoverypoint you can choose the schedule that works for you, either day or night classes on week-days only. You also get the full year schedule from the start, so you can plan family vacations and other activities around the regularly scheduled breaks.

5. Community
Let’s face it, there are fewer opportunities to meet and interact with new people on a face-to-face basis as we get older. The classroom environment at Discoverypoint provides students with a thriving community filled with opportunities for networking, personal growth, and the sharing of ideas great and small. We believe that massage school may be the inclusive, fun, energetic, and informative community you’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested in advancing your career or exploring opportunities for a new path, contact Discoverypoint School of Massage to learn more about our program.

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