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Our Students Say It Best

Here at Discoverypoint, we offer more than just a degree. We offer our students a future, a career, and most importantly, a community of support, encouragement, and guidance. You’ll leave Discoverypoint with the deepest possible understanding of the art, science, and business of massage therapy. Our small class sizes, combined with the experience, passion, and knowledge of our instructors, guarantee that you’ll leave us with a complete foundation to begin your practice.


But you don’t have to take our word for it… check out a few of the testimonials from our past students! You’ll see that they found Discoverypoint not only to be a great learning environment, but a tremendous opportunity.


“The energy here at the school is amazing. The school I was originally slotted to go to, the classroom size was on average between 30-35, and there were two instructors—one main instructor, and one assistant, to go around and help everyone. At Discoverypoint, you’re getting one-on-one training, very small classroom sizes, and fantastic experience with someone who’s really taking care of you. I’ve never felt so supported and lifted up by instructors before.


“I struggled with test anxiety all through college, and the instructors at Discoverypoint were able to help me pinpoint why I had test anxiety, and help me get through it, and I started acing tests for the first time. I couldn’t be more thankful that I went to Discoverypoint. I was hired at a pretty prestigious integrative health workforce, over hundreds of other therapists, because of my training here at Discoverypoint.”



“I decided to come into massage from a nursing background. I was feeling like I needed something more with my experiences with people when I was interacting with them in a health sense, like I was missing something because I didn’t have time to spend with my patients.


“Being new to Seattle, I didn’t know much about the local schools and one of my friends, a massage therapist, recommended Discoverypoint to me. She said it was a really great school with really great teachers. I came in for a novice day, and then I met Lisa for my interview, and I was just really impressed by how supportive of me as an individual she was, and that carried through the whole year… It was really amazing at points, having studied anatomy and physiology before, how much I picked up the second time around that I’d just not absorbed before from the way I was taught it.”



“I asked a friend who was a massage therapist and she mentioned that there might be a new school on Capitol Hill that was started by Pat Archer, and she suggested that I talk to the owner of the place where she worked—Monroe Therapeutic Massage. I talked to Jeanette Wall there, and I mentioned Discoverypoint and Pat Archer, and Jeanette’s response was, ‘If you graduate from a school that’s run by Pat Archer, your resume is going to go to the top of the pile.’ I wound up going to Discoverypoint, and that’s probably the best decision I’ve made in terms of switching careers into massage therapy.


“A few weeks before I graduated, I sent a resume over to Monroe Therapeutic Massage and Jeanette, the person I’d spoken to before I started school, and ended up getting a job there. They were very impressed with my knowledge and the skills that I’d acquired… I got the first job I applied for, at the place I wanted to work, right upon graduating from school.”


Check out our Testimonials page to see the videos of these students and others talking about how much they valued their experience at Discoverypoint!

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