We are #happytoshare we are again offering our Novice Class. 🔷 For those #students planning on enrolling in the #ProfessionalLicensingProgram. Next date 🔷AUGUST 15 🔷. Enroll now!We will open the #class to folks who just want to #learn some #skills for #friends and #family and not intending to #begin #massageschool, later this #summer. Check link in #bio if you are interested! 🔷...#dpsom #lmt #holistichealth #somatictherapy #holistichealing #nowenrolling #trynewthings #seattlejobs #seattle #summeractivities ... See MoreSee Less

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Today we share #4 from our 12 ways to succeed as a massage therapist. #4 Fulfill the #AdministrativeTasks for #Success as a Massage TherapistFirst of all, to create a #licensedcompany, you must follow the following procedures:Request the license of your #activities and #facilities.Get the official name of the company. Obtain a Tax Identification Number.Settle the Tax on Property Transfers and Documented Legal Acts.Perform Registration in the Commercial Registry.#dpsom #massageschool #careermoves #massage #massagetherapy #lmt #somatictherapy ... See MoreSee Less

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Continuing with our 12 ways to succeed as a #massagetherapist…#3: Complete the Legal Business Formation Successfully Before starting to set up a #massagecenter, it is vital to choose what #legal structure you will have. Deciding on what is the best company will depend on your corporation or LLC business formation preference.Furthermore, while choosing your legal formation, you must take into account these factors:Type of activities to develop.Number of partners.The responsibility you will carry.Initial Capital.Financial obligations.Above all, there are different types of companies, and you must value the various options before opting for one (sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), Corporation (Inc.), etc.).#dpsom #entrepreneurlife #seattle #massageschool #beyourownboss #wfh #seattlesidehustle #holistichealing #massagetherapy #massagecareer #anatomy #legalizeit ... See MoreSee Less

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No. 2: Offer Some Popular Types of Massages for SuccessIn addition, let’s talk about a brief list of the most well-known and highly requested massage services.#SwedishMassageThis massage is the #mostpopular one around the world. It is based on relaxation massage moves designed to calm and soothe the nervous system. It consists of effleurage, tapotement, friction, petrissage, and vibration. These moves will help your #customers relax and may eliminate unnecessary muscle tension.#TreatmentMassageTreatment massage comes in many forms and modalities, and its focus is on recovery from injury or chronic pain conditions. We prefer the term #StructureSpecific (instead of "deep tissue"), as the appropriate treatment isn't always deep, but it requires #AnatomicSpecificity, and should never be painful. The therapist needs to listen to the #client, tune in to their body, and respond with the proper techniques at the depth & pressure most appropriate for the situation.#SportsMassageBefore and after #sports, #professionalathletes (and amateur ones!) can use massage to prevent injury, improve #flexibility, or speed up #recovery after an event. Overall, it can be a helpful tool to increase athletic performance.#PrenatalMassageThis massage serves to relieve discomforts felt during #pregnancy. If you receive massage during pregnancy, your nervous system has a chance to center and reset; some say the childbirth process may even become easier. In addition, massage can help restore balance to the mother’s body after childbirth.#Reflexology#Reflexologytheory presumes that each part of your body has a mapped #connection with a particular pattern found on your feet, hands, head, or face. Therefore, if the therapist uses specific pressure in one area, a corresponding effect may be felt in another area. This can be helpful in addressing structures that are hard to access, such as internal organs. ... See MoreSee Less

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📣LAST CHANCE TO ENROLL!📣We are again offering the #Novice #class for those #students planning on enrolling in the #ProfessionalLicensingProgram. Next date 🔷July 18 🔷. Enroll now!We will open the #class to folks who just want to #learn some #skills for #friends and #family and not intending to #begin #massageschool, later this #summer. Check link in #bio if you are interested! 🔷...#dpsom #massagetherapy #holistichealth #somatictherapy #holistichealing #learn #nowenrolling #seattle #wfh #trysomethingnew #learnmassage ... See MoreSee Less

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Advantages of Small Class Sizes

We believe the Discoverypoint School of Massage offers the finest Professional Massage Program (PMP) in Seattle based on several factors; the foremost being the depth and breadth of knowledge of our faculty, as well as their passion and experience as teachers.  Another thing that our students point out as what sets us apart from other regional massage schools, is the quality learning environment created by our small class sizes. We have a student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1 in all of our hands-on classes to ensure more in-depth and personalized feedback for each individual. Our average class size is 16-20 with 2 instructors, and our maximum is 24.


It’s been shown time and time again that small class sizes are extremely beneficial to learning in a K-12 setting. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the education research community realized this. Until then, it was generally accepted that class size had little or no effect on student achievement. It wasn’t until civil rights groups investigating the effect of crowded inner-city classrooms on student learning and development that people started to realize how much can fall through the cracks when your student-teacher ratio gets too high.  The importance of small class sizes is especially true in hands-on vocational programs like massage certification. Here’s why:


More Attention


When class sizes are small, students are able to engage more with their teachers. Questions and curiosities are easier to raise, and the instructor can spend more time addressing each student’s concerns. Our instructors are also able to more closely observe their students’ work, correcting poor body mechanics and stroke techniques before bad habits are formed. And in massage, the stakes are pretty high—bad habits or spotty understanding could potentially mean injuring yourself or your client.


Building Better Career Paths


One finding from the National Survey of Student Engagement, which queried undergraduate students about their educational experience, noted that student-faculty interaction is an important predictor of success in college. Professional programs are very similar. Students who are able to form individual learning relationships with instructors tend to have more successful massage careers. At Discoverypoint we work hard to help each student define and achieve their career goals, and set them on the path to a successful career. Students are a lot more than their course fees to us—we see future helpers and healers, who we look forward to welcoming into our professional community.


Personalized Education


Because we keep our class sizes are small, we know each of our students on a personal basis. We know how to teach to their different learning styles, and work with them to overcome any obstacles they might encounter during their program. We help our students identify their strengths and weaknesses so they can provide massage based on their individual gifts. Small class sizes allows for a degree of personal and professional communication that’s impossible in larger programs.


If you think you a smaller class size would be beneficial for your massage education, we urge you to give us a call at Discoverypoint, and we’ll talk about how we can help you realize your potential.

If you’re thinking about massage as a career, wouldn’t you love to learn from two therapists who have helped design the curriculum nation-wide? Choose the PMP at Discoverypoint School of Massage! Pat and Lisa have been in the industry for decades, understand the nuances of massage instruction and the necessary knowledge base, and would love to help you pursue your LMP.

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