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Advantages of Becoming a Massage Therapist

Most people thinking of becoming a massage therapist already express some desire to help others and feel more connected to their work.  In addition to this idea of ‘contributing to the fabric of life’, there are lots of other advantages to becoming a massage therapist. Some like the freedom—you can work for yourself, from wherever you want, and even travel with it.  For others, learning massage and becoming a LMP is a way of expanding and enhancing a different health care practice to which they are very committed, such as becoming a better yoga instructor, nurse, or personal trainer. But there are a few other advantages of which you might not be aware.


Ranked One of the “Best Jobs”


US News and World Report ranks Massage Therapist on their list of “Best Jobs!” Not only is it listed as #28 of “Best Health Care Jobs,” it also earned a general ranking of #62 on “The 100 Best Jobs.” The publication notes that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that massage therapist employment will grow 22.6 percent between 2012 and 2022, and this increase in spas and clinics “underscores a growing demand for massage therapists.” The report gave Massage Therapist such a high placement on its rankings because of the Job Satisfaction measurements, which put “Upward Mobility” at “Average,” the “Stress Level” at “Below Average,” and the “Flexibility” at “Above Average.”


Fewer Hours


For a massage therapist, “full time” doesn’t mean 40 hours of massage every week. The American Massage Therapy Association defines “full time” as 17 or more hours of massage a week because of the physical demands of the industry. Of course, you will also need to devote time to off-the-table business aspects like scheduling, billing, or marketing, especially if you’re self-employed, but the fact remains that being a massage therapist isn’t the same time commitment in either amount or quality as a 9-to-5 desk job.


Health Benefits


Massage therapy is more physically demanding than many people realize, and though this can be an obstacle for some therapists, it’s also a benefit. In order to practice massage, you need to take good care of your body, as it’s impossible to practice massage long-term if you aren’t in good physical health. According to the AMTA, a treatment schedule of 3-4 daily sessions is equivalent to regular moderate exercise, and according to The Telegraph, if you spend three hours a day standing up during your job, it will have the same health benefits as running ten marathons a year, and will extend your life by an average of two years. Being a massage therapist is hard work, but it will keep you active and healthy in ways few other jobs can.


If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, choose Discoverypoint School of Massage to begin your journey! Our experienced instructors understand all the advantages and risks of becoming a therapist, and will help you choose the right path for you and your goals.

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