Who needs a massage?? We have 2 openings left for our student massage clinic tomorrow night — Wednesday, December 6th — one appointment each at 5:30pm and 7pm.

Cost is $25, cash or check. (No debit or credit cards.) Use the "Book Now" button at the top of this page, or click the link below and book your appointment... quickly, before they're gone!

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Diary of A Massage Student
Final class for Quarter 1

You know it's a test day when you can hear the scritch scratch of nail filing while watching sequence videos.

10 min til test time...

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Diary of A Massage Student

Therapy Thursdays:

Thursday's class for quarter 1 is actually called Ethics and Communication, where we explore and discuss professional ethics, policies, learning and communicating styles, and keeping and maintaining healthy boundries.

It's also the day we each get to look into our souls and express some therapeutic tears.
I love my massage school family. I'm sure our sharing of deep personal values and being REALLY vulnerable is due HUGELY in part to our whole hearted teacher Lisa Nelson.

Lisa went on a much deserved Sabbatical the beginning of November. I'm looking forward to envisioning my practice (yeeep! 9 more months!) with our new teacher Darin but I can feel we plan to hold space for Lisa.

Before she went she left this story, ripe with life wisdom. The story was about a friend of hers that went up into a glider for the first time, this seemingly thin and un-motored toy. Her friend described the experience as strangely silent as she pulled the lever to release them from the plane dragging them. Soaring in the quiet, they looked for updrafts of warm air to ascend higher.
But not to stay there, since the higher you go, the less air there is to breath.

Much of this feels real for me now; as Lisa told the story, we in our training will want to seek out moments of uplift, but we can't stay in these places, otherwise we become unfocused and don't move forward.

And when we experience air sickness/life sickness/school sickness, we need to know when to scoot our butts back and plant our feet.

Quarter 1 is about a week away from being over.
I can feel the light headedness of gaining air and momentum. And I know at some point very soon I'm gonna need to plant my feet...

Warmly, Ashlen

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Diary of a Massage Student:
Week 9

My name is Ashlen, and I'm a Fall student of the Professional Liscensing Program at Discoverypoint. I can't believe it's over half way through my first quarter! The first 8 weeks felt like a blur of terminology and proper body mechanics. How often I've muttered "bolster!" when I've forgotten to remove the it.

It's also a relief to finally feel like my hands aren't two alien creatures when I un-drap and massage my fellow students. This work is hard, but in this community it is rich and worthwhile. I was told I'd get really close with my class and by golly, they were right!

So. If you've ever wondered "what's it like to learn professional massage?" or "how do you keep your hands from hurting?" or "what else goes into this 'healing stuff'?" I hope this provides a window.

The students of Fall 2017 have our sights on next Summer graduation. You are welcome to come along for this soul ride!

Warmly, Ash

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DiscoveryPoint Faculty

World-Class Instructors To Guide and Nurture Your Career

Patricia A. Archer, MS, ATC, LMP

Co-Owner, Director and Instructor

Pat Archer has been a sports health care specialist and educator for over 35 years. Her combined knowledge and experience as a massage therapist and athletic trainer provide Pat with a unique blend of advanced manual therapy assessment and treatment skills. Her warm and personal style of teaching keeps students actively engaged in both their head and hands.

She is a popular and highly regarded speaker who has presented at state, regional, and national professional conferences. Her courses span a variety of manual therapy topics including event and clinical sports massage, lymphatic facilitation, orthopedic assessment, and manual therapy applications for specific injury management. Pat maintains a successful private practice at Seattle Somatics.

As an author Pat has published many journal articles as well as textbooks. Her texts include Massage for Sports Health Care, the workbook for a self study video course from Human Kinetics, and Therapeutic Massage in Athletics, published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.


Also published by LWW, Pat along with Lisa Nelson, co-authored “Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapist”, a textbook that provides all of the anatomy and physiology knowledge a massage therapist needs in a way they can better understand.

Julie Ann Darrah, BA, LMP

Co-Owner and Director

Julie Ann Darrah has worked in vocational training and post-secondary education for over 20 years.

Her knowledge and vast experience in school financials, administration, compliance, student services and teaching has thoroughly prepared her to be Discoverypoint’s Finance Director.

Julie’s keen intuition blended with her skills in communication and problem-solving make her a gifted director, educational counselor and advocate. Novice and Swedish massage classes provide added opportunities for her to share her contagious enthusiasm for massage therapy and demonstrate her compassion for students.

Lisa A. Nelson, BA, AT/R, LMP

Co-Owner, Director and Instructor

Lisa Nelson has worked professionally as an athletic trainer, massage therapist, and instructor. Over the past 25 years, she has served a wide variety of education communities as a teacher, curriculum consultant, administrator, faculty mentor and learning strategist.

Lisa enjoys the challenge of working with a diverse student and faculty population. She thrives in a collaborative environment that utilizes and challenges her communication and problem-solving skills. Lisa is regarded as being a good listener, creative strategist, passionate team member, as well as a patient and flexible educator.

Lisa has been privileged to speak at numerous teaching conferences throughout the US, published articles for vocational educators, and contributed to several textbooks in sports medicine, sports massage, and muscle anatomy.


Lisa and Pat Archer’s book “Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapists”, is a clear, accurate, simple, and comprehensive A&P textbook that addresses the needs of students in manual therapy education programs. The book and more information can be found here on Amazon.

Michael Jacobus, BA, LMP


Michael Jacobus graduated from the Stillpoint Center School of Massage in Hatfield, MA in 1996. Since that time,he has practiced massage both as a sole-proprietor and as an employee in a variety of work settings, including day spas, hospitals and clinical research organizations.

Over the years, Michael’s fascination with how the body responds to bodywork and movement has led him to pursue a wide array of advanced trainings, including certifications in the Trager® Approach in 2005, orthopedic massage in 2008 and yoga instruction in 2010. Currently, Michael is a lead massage therapist at Dreamclinic Massage in Queen Anne.

In 1998, Michael began his career as a massage and movement educator. While he has facilitated a broad spectrum of classes, his current teaching focus is in musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, clinical and outcome based massage, professional ethics and communication. His passion for helping students discover the human body and how it moves makes him a demanding musculoskeletal anatomy instructor. However, Michael’s ability to temper high standards with his sharp wit, a keen appreciation for fun, and commitment to creativity make him a student favorite. As a clinical instructor he enjoys pivoting to a mentorship role, supporting students as they practice and gain confidence in critical thinking, treatment and professional communication skills.

Tel: 206-949-1489
Visit Michael’s Website

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